Let the Gaza students travel

Nine young visitors from Gaza who are planning to set out this week from Gaza to the UK to join a Youth in Action visit for ten days. The visit begins on 23rd January and they are planning tostart to try and travel from Gaza on 21st Jan. If unsuccessful, they will try again on 22nd or 23rd.

The border to Eygpt at Rafah is currently often closed and it is very uncertain that without special help, these young people will be able to join the project.

Living in Gaza, they are trapped - the Gaza Strip is surrounded by Israel and there are two ways out. The airport was bombed by Israel about ten years ago. There is no way out by sea (although they are by the coast). One way out, Erez, goes via Israel and almost no one can go through. The other way out, Rafah, goes via Egypt, and we are HOPING that it is possible for them to go this way, but it is difficult because it is often closed.

ALL people in Gaza need to be able to MOVE - they need an end to the siege on all aspects of their lives - but right now we are concentrating on the nine visitors - Is it possible for them to get a pass so that when the border opens, they can travel? They need to get a flight to London on 23rd January.

Please sign this petition to add your name to the request for help that CADFA is taking  now to the Egyptians, the Israelis - and to our representatives from Britain who can also add pressure.

More information on the student project is here -  www.camdenabudis.net/cadfawinterolympics.html

The blog for the student visit is here: maantogether.blogspot.co.uk

If you are in Britain, come and join the public events.

Thank you for your help.