Let the Gaza students travel

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2014-01-19 11:45

freedom of movement!



2014-01-19 11:55

Please help these young people to cross the border and get to UkSuch a brilliant project between them and young people from UK None of them ever forget these visits. They are the future . Please use your influence to get them here



2014-01-19 15:52

the UN enshrines the right to education. these children must be allowed to travel..it is an educational trip.



2014-01-19 17:05

It only takes a minute to do this - please, please take the time and support these young people :)



2014-01-19 17:19

Please let the students travel. Innocent young people should not be kept under siege.



2014-01-20 03:10

I pray they will be able to come to the UK for their project! There is no valid reason whatsoever for them not being allowed to cross the border! It is against human rights! Please help them by sharing and signing this petition!!!!



2014-01-20 09:29

I confirm that i have signed this petition



2014-01-20 10:05

What future do we have if we don't allow our students the freedom to travel and broaden their views.



2014-01-20 13:47

FREEDOM BRAVELY BLOWING...Siegfried Sassoon [poet ]



2014-01-20 21:05

What threat are these youngsters to Israel, except to one-sided distortions of the conflict?



2014-01-20 21:13

Freedom of Movement is a Human Right which every person in the world, including Gaza, should enjoy.



2014-01-20 21:18

The Israeli government's ghettoisation of Gaza is morally repugnant; the curtailment of movement of goods in and out of Gaza has led to needless unemployment, poverty, illness and death. When the Nazis created ghettoes as a precursor to the concentration camps they were seen as racists, anti-semitic acts. What do we call the actions of the Israeli government? RACIST! There can be no other response. People of goodwill need to join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions ,movement against Israel in ever growing numbers to force the Israeli government to make a fundamental shift away from their racist policies.



2014-01-21 09:59

Everyone should have freedom of movement .



2014-01-21 23:35

Since I have also planned travel, I request that my signature not be displayed. Thanks for your understanding.



2014-01-22 08:31

Palestinian students must be given the same rights as students from other countries



2014-01-24 13:31

lets fight for what is fair



2014-01-26 12:44

The murderous Zionists are not satisfied with the long lasting siege on Gaza. If they can they won't let Gazan's breath even.



2014-01-29 19:23

People are born free and so, they should stay!
Putting one million and half under strangling siege is inhuman to say the least. Gaza is a concentration camp in the 21st, this should not be allowed to happen!