Save Idle Moor

There is a planning proposal for 70 new house on Idle Moor with access from Sandhill Fold.

These houses are to be built on land that was previously a mine.

This space is classed as Urban Green Space.

We, the signatures, object to the plans for the following reasons

1) Green Lane is already a very busy and dangerous road. Another 100+ cars will only add to the problems.

2) This area is Urban Green Space enjoyed by Families, Walkers, Dog Walkers & Runners

3) We have 300+ houses for sale in Idle & Thackley so extra houses not required

4) Good local schools are already oversubscribed so extra families would not be able to send their children to local schools which means more traffic at rush hour.

5) Local GPs and Dentist again are over subscribed.

6) Previous, smaller planning applications have been rejected by Secretary of State and the reasons for these rejections have not changed.

7) Residents of Sandhill Fold & Green Lane have had alot of desruption from the last build of Far Highfield Close.

8)There is no evidence that MGL Homes have experience in such a large project with so many obstacles. We could be left with a half built building site.

9)The larger field behind this proposed site has recently been sold which, if this plan is accepted could lead to housing being developed further in the future.


We have to stop the over development of urban areas now. Idle & Thackley are the most desirable places to live in Bradford. This is due to the open green spaces and community feel.

Please sign the petition and then share this petition amongst all your friends.

If you prefer, you can object direct to the council by going to Planning Applications on The planning ref is 14/01727/MAO