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Stop Testing on Monkeys

I ask that the Regents immediately take action to stop the unethical and scientifically unnecessary use of nonhuman primates in experiments at University of California campuses and laboratories. Animal experimentation fails to hold the promise of new technologies, including nanotechnology, microfluidic methods, stem cell research and personalized medicine; or to yield the comprehensive results of well-established research protocols such as clinical and epidemiological studies.  Ethically, animal

Created: 2013-09-12 Statistics

Put trafalgar roundabouts lights back to part-time!!!

The amount of people complaining about the built up traffic on treflagar roundabout since the new layout is huge! Lets do something about this & get the lights back to part-time resulting in less traffic build up & less frustration from drivers....

Created: 2013-11-05 Statistics

Recording of Meetings at East Riding of Yorkshire Council

We, the undersigned, join Justice for Bridlington in calling on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to allow recordings of its public meetings, and are calling on the council to broadcast its meetings in a similar way to neighbouring Hull City Council.  

Created: 2013-09-28 Statistics

No Witch-Hunts In The GMB Union, Reinstate Keith Henderson

Keith Henderson Essex LRC member and former Regional Organiser of the GMB Union was dismissed from the GMB last December, Keith has always believed that the real reason for his dismissal was because of his socialist beliefs and the manifestation of his beliefs.It has now been proven in a recent Employment Tribunal Judgment that a substantial part of the reasoning behind Keith’s dismissal was because of his philosophical belief in left wing democratic socialism and was an effective cause of his d

Created: 2013-10-24 Statistics

save the dickson plan

Please sign this petition to save the dickson plan

Created: 2013-09-12 Statistics

New All-Weather pitch for Lochgilphead

Please could you sign this petition which will be presented to Argyll and Bute Council to persuade them to replace the current Astro 2G artificial pitch at Lochgilphead High School with a new, safer 3G/4G artificial pitch. A new pitch will allow footballers and other sports users to use the facility safely, and permit Youth and Amateur football matches to be played on it. The current Astro pitch can be dangerous for users, especially in wet weather. A better surface would be safer for everyone.

Created: 2013-10-03 Statistics

Petition of Appeal

It has been 7 years when i decide to come over the UK, since then it has been a real experience with ups and downs, challenges and personal development. My petition is about staying in the UK, All i have to say is: I did everything as the law describes it: In begining of 2009, I informed HomeOffice at the right time about my situation, my ex wife of Dutch Natioanlity, stopped living and working in the Uk. A year later in 2010, HomeOffice wrote a letter letting me know if i wished to stay on my o

Created: 2013-12-27 Statistics

24hr childrens ward in weston-super-mare

Please sign this petion to get the seashore centre in weston general hospital open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. With the growing population of North Somerset I feel this would be beneficial for all the residents with children, instead of being transfered to either Bristol or Taunton.

Created: 2013-12-07 Statistics

Save our Hydrotherapy Pool

The Borders Health Board are closing the hydrotherapy pool at the BGH. Patients will now be expected to visit our local swimming pools to receive their treatment. This pool is designed for specialist care and treatment, which provides an essential service to hundreds of patients throughout the year and can not simply be replaced by using our local swimming pools. If you would like to voice your concerns over the removal of this service, then please sign our petition.

Created: 2012-11-18 Statistics


ما خواهان لغو فوري احکام اعدام زانيار و لقمان مرادي هستيم!   زانيار و لقمان مرادي دو زنداني سياسي در زندان رجايي شهر کرج هستند که در سال ۱٣۸۸ توسط نيروهاي اطلاعاتي رژيم دستگير شدند و در زمستان ۱٣۸۹ به اتهام قتل فرزند امام جمعه مريوان به اعدام محکوم شدند. آنها بارها در نامه هايي که به خارج از زندان ارسال کرده اند و در نامه به احمد شهيد از اينکه تحت شکنجه هاي وحشتناک مجبور به اقرار شده اند٬ حرف زده اند. سازمان عفو بين الملل نیز در بيانيه اي در تاريخ ۲۹ اکتبر ۲۰۱٣ نوشت: "زانیار و لقمان مرادی اعلام

Created: 2013-11-18 Statistics