Parking at Carramea

This petition has been created to appeal to Harrow Council to reinstate the six designated parking spaces previously allocated to the Carramea Community Resource Centre (formally the Community Premises), given the poor consideration for both the smooth running of the Resource Centre and consultation with community users on this matter.

Whilst we understand the need for the recently introduced pay & display parking at the rear of the building, we strongly protest against the spaces which are clearly marked and designated to the Community Premises, being taken away and included in the parking scheme.

The former 'Community Premises' comprised of a minimum of 6 designated parking spaces allocated to the building when under the management of Harrow Council.  Carramea Community Resource Centre continues to support the same priorities by providing office solutions and resources to small groups and charities who work relentlessly and very often unpaid with the
most vulnerable members of the community in Harrow, from the Resource Centre; yet these parking spaces have now been taken away.

The removal of the designated parking spaces from the Carramea Community Resource Centre, completely undermines both the accessibility of the resource Centre and the implementation of charitable work from our premises by small charities and groups as well as to their users who remain the most vulnerable members of the community.  It has limited and reduced the
time groups now use the Resource Centre, in their avoidance of parking tickets, and is discouraging many users from visiting or accessing community services.  This is likely to have a severe impact on the viability of the Carramea Community Resource Centre, particularly at such a vulnerable stage in the early launch of this new provision.

Harrow Council has continually worked in partnership with Carramea in their commitment to prevent the loss of the formally known ‘Community Premises’ as a resource in the borough.

We now urge Harrow Council to please consider the effects of the loss of designated parking places on small charities and groups who regularly use the Resource Centre, as well its impact on the operational running of the Carramea Community Resource Centre during core office hours, 6 days per week.

We ask that Harrow Council kindly reinstate the six designated parking places at the rear of the Resource Centre building to the Community Resource Centre for unlimited use by charitable groups and community users of the Resource Centre.

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