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Get the United Kingdom out of the European Union

We do not want to be governed by the EU, we don't want the EU interfering with our Judicial service.  We also want the referendum that was promised, as to whether we leave the EU or not.

Created: 2011-07-07 Statistics

Let docked dogs be shown in Northern Ireland

We want to maintain our right to show legally docked dogs at shows in Northern Ireland The Northern Ireland Assembly are proposing to ban docking in all breeds with exception for working dogs. Not only will they ban docking but the Assembly are proposing to make it illegal to show legally docked dogs at shows were "a person pays a fee or the public pay and admission fee".  Here is a link to the minutes from last DARD committee meeting re: tail docking.

Created: 2011-01-10 Statistics

Hull College Girls Centre Of Excellence,

Please invite Friends, Family, work collegues, bosses, window cleaner etc etc to support our very important cause...   I also would like to say as a parent, from a very DISTRESSED, DEFLATED, player for Hull C of E ,2010-2011...I'm finding the correct words to express my total lack of understanding as to why the FA would choose not to allocate Hull College Girls Centre Of EXCELLENCE a Licence for the for-coming season very difficult to illustrate..It is just total madness on their part, if they h

Created: 2011-06-08 Statistics

Save the Hartbeesport Vervets

The Vervets at Hartbeesport have possibly been condemned to death by some of the residence of Club Nautique. A permit has been granted by North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment with the help of the Bushveld Conservation Bureau to shoot these primates. These animals have been living in these areas for hundreds of years their only crime was forced upon them by the residence feeding them causing them to come back and look for food. No alternatives have been investigate

Created: 2011-03-16 Statistics

blink-182 European Tour Summer 2011

We are true and loyal blink-182 fans from all over the world who have already bought expensive festival tickets just to see our favorite band, paid for booking flights, hotel rooms, visa, requested day-offs, spent double money on eBay for the sold out dates. "It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce our planned 2011 European Summer tour has been rescheduled [to Summer 2012]. When we booked the tour last year, we were confident that we would have the new album out before the Summer. Turns

Created: 2011-04-19 Statistics

British Waterways Licence Fee Petition

The purpose of this petition is to challenge British Waterways (BW) recently increased 6 month & 3 month river licence fees to circa 80% of the annual fee & request they return to the pro rata charging basis on the grounds the increases are both excessive, discriminatory & undemocratic because existing licence holders were not consulted despite a BW mission statement to the contrary when they could have been as BW hold existing customer contact details. A Rivers Only licence case stu

Created: 2011-03-17 Statistics

Palestinian child prisoners

 From Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association (CADFA),  PO Box 34265 London NW5 2WD - This is the text of a letter that we are also collecting in hard copy. We will formally present all letters signed by people from the UK to the UK Foreign Office and send all letters from people in the UK and in other places in Europe to the European Parliament. Child Prisoner Campaign (part of CADFA) >>>PLEASE SEND THIS ON TO YOUR FRIENDS / post to your Facebook/ etc - Thank you

Created: 2011-03-19 Statistics

Save Manningham Pool

TO BRADFORD CITY COUNCIL: We, the undersigned, wish to protest at proposals to close Manningham Pool in order to save the insignificant one-off sum of £119,000. As a result, 30 weekly swimming sessions for 11 local primary schools are under threat, as are the sessions for Asian women, older people, parents with children, and people with disabilities. When continued upkeep after closure, redundancy payments to staff, and the costs of bussing schoolchildren to alternative facilities are costed in

Created: 2011-03-13 Statistics

Save Gibraltar's Street Names

We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Gibraltar to preserve the names of Cannon Lane and Devil's Tower Road. Thank you.

Created: 2011-05-26 Statistics

Petition from Gaza: Break the Siege; Support Freedom Flotilla II

  Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine 28.6.2011   We Palestinians of Gaza want to live at liberty to meet Palestinian friends or family from Tulkarm, Jerusalem or Nazareth; we want to have the right to travel and move freely. We want to live without fear of another bombing campaign that leaves hundreds of our children dead and many more injured or with cancers from the contamination of Israel’s white phosphorous and chemical warfare. We want to live without the humiliations at Israeli checkpoints

Created: 2011-06-29 Statistics