Young People Seeking Safety (YPSS) is a campaign to promote the rights and safety of unaccompanied young people seeking asylum in the UK.

Many unaccompanied young people seeking safety experience distressing circumstances before and also after arriving in this country. The YPSS campaign aims to being attention to these issues and ensure that unaccompanied young people are cared for and their rights protected.

I share YPSS's concerns with the problems that unaccompanied young people in the UK are facing. I support the YPSS campaign in echoing the recommendations made to the Government by countless other organisations surrounding the treatment of these young people before, during and after the asylum process. We urge the Government to:

  • Give fewer and better age assessments to unaccompanied young people.
  • Ensure the best interests of a child are always at the forefront of decisions to remove children.
  • Issue an investigation into the extremely high percentage of refused cases of 18-21 year old unaccompanied young people and ensure that they are given the leaving care support to which they are entitled by law.
  • Get asylum decisions right the first time by ending the widely acknowledged 'culture of cynicism and disbelief.'

To find out more about some of the issues surrounding young people seeking safety which we are concerned with visit our website:

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