Stop the Genocide in Bahrain

Subject: Please sign and save lives of Bahraini Protesters

What is the story behind Bahrain?

Most of the Middle Eastern countries are ruled by dictators.

The miracle of awakening started form Tunisia and then went all the way to Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain. This awakening led to the departure of Ben Ali of Tunisia and then Mubarak of Egypt.

And now it is the turn of Gaddafi of Libya. Fortunately European and American countries have after much pressure applied no fly zone in Libya. I hope they will get democracy very soon. Latest news are saying that Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen is going to step down. This is also good news.

We have the same uprising and the same democracy seekers in Bahrain; who are being cracked down by foreign forces of three countries Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait, While the anti-government protester don’t even carry a knife. They are having absolutely peaceful protest. The Monarch of Bahrain continues to kill the demonstrator very brutally by calling foreign forces of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait to kill people by tanks and helicopters.

The condition in Bahrain is exactly the same, when Soviet Union army invaded Afghanistan and the entire world was against Russia at that time. This is exactly how Gaddafi is paying money to mercenaries to kill people.

It is reported after the government forces killed and injured people in peaceful demonstration then they attacked at the hospital, where the injured and even the death body were taken and a nurse was also killed by being shot in the head just because she was treating the injured. Unfortunately not any American and European country have condemned this genocide. This is most open and clear double standard.

Where is the Human Right?

If you compare Bahrain with other countries, you will see Gaddafi and Mubarak, Ben Ali had ruled the country for about thirty to forty years while Bahraini Monarchy have being ruling the country for the last two hundred years

Most shocking news is that the Kings of Arab counties are buying our media and their crimes are not reported properly on the news.

Our mass media is calling this uprising as a sectarian fight between Shia and Sunni.  While this revolution has being inspired by Tunisia and it is not a sectarian problem between Muslims.

What is truth about Bahrain?

One of the opposition political organizations (Haq party) which is Sunni and Shia opposition party was always more persistent and determent for monarchy to be finished than Shia opposition party (Wefaq party).

So this is not a Shia sectarian matter at all. This is an uprising inspired from Tunisia.

Second reason why media is not condemning this genocide, it is claimed that there is influence of Iran in Bahrain. These uprising are because of Iran.

This is just an excuse for not helping the oppressed people, probably because of fifth fleet of America. If we want democracy for our country so we should want it for everyone. As far as it is related to Iran, this is not related to Iran at all. This is an Arab country revolution starting from Tunisia.

If it was because of Iran so why is there uprising in Syria?

There are very good relationship between Iran and Syria. There should not be any uprising there. It means these revolutions are awakening of the entire oppressed nations who were being exploited by their ruler?

People want freedom. People want dignity. People want respect. We, as British can give these values by asking our MPs, our government and our prime minister to raise their voice against cruelty and not to have double standard.

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Amnesty International has also said:

“Amnesty International is also urging the Bahraini authorities to immediately rein in their security forces, including support forces provided by Saudi Arabia and other states”

Therefore please sign the following petition and save the lives of innocent freedom seekers.

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