All veterans and all law abiding people in this country are  aware of when the poppy was introduced as a symbol of our fallen. After the 1st World War, when the young men of this Country died in blood soaked trenches, with poppies dancing in the fields around them. Many of us lost our grandfathers, and we owe it to them to fight for what is right. They did not give up their today so that we could spend our tomorrows letting their memory be burned by these evil people. it's not jus the fact of him burning poppys its was the day and time he did it and what he chanted.

Lets put the pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service and the Government to appeal the paltry fine put on the Poppy Burners .It is a disgraceful verdict and should be appealed. Please support this petition and show we care, We have our young men involved in a war at the moment and losing their lives  for this Country Lets show we care