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2015-02-06 18:16

Lucy Best
The author of this petition


2015-02-06 18:17

Come on, lets keep it open!



2015-02-06 18:36

Please keep Mychett Sure Start Centre open.



2015-02-06 18:40

Amazing place to take my child, I go to 3 sessions a week, she interacts with all children and has really made a difference in her development, I have another child on the way and I really don't know what I will do without this centres, the staff are amazing and these places are pivotal to the area as there are no other groups



2015-02-06 18:50

Such a valuable support resource for young families we need more centres like this not less - I have attended this centre with my daughter and Grandson and its fabulous it really needs to stay open!



2015-02-06 18:52

Julie, Elaine and all the staff have been a great help and support since I had my first baby. I attended the new mums group and baby massage group and made some great friends. We go to the stay and play groups and Christmas parties. My son loves going to the centre. It is a really valuable asset to the community and will be devastating if it is shut down.



2015-02-06 19:00

It has helped people I know!!!



2015-02-06 19:15

This sure start centre is invaluable in our area, used by so many. I have been using its services for 5 years now and am so saddened to hear it may close. Please don't let that happen x



2015-02-06 19:36

Elaine and the team at mychette sure start were supportive to me and my son through a very difficult time in early motherhood



2015-02-06 19:40

I have used this centre for a valuable baby weaning course. Without them running these courses a number of Mums and Dads would be left floundering at an important time and these courses are difficult to find elsewhere.



2015-02-06 20:47

A valuable provision that's supported community residents and is much needed.



2015-02-06 21:04

Such a wonderful and kind lady who runs this children's centre, gave so much of her time to help me with lots of questions that I had for her. Very helpful place. Please keep it open!



2015-02-06 21:16

This is too important for mums and children that want a great start.



2015-02-06 21:25

Love this place - soo good for my twins. Staff are amazing and really helpful.
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#15 Subject

2015-02-06 21:47

Moved to the area at 8 months pregnant so was a great place to meet new mums. I've met some valuable friends here and we all went through the first year of our baby's lives together with many fine memories. Not to mention the amazing and very supportive staff.



2015-02-06 22:18

The centre is a lovely place to go and for me convienient. All the staff are lovely and so helpful and are there for us should we need help. They run brilliant classes which I have learnt slot from. Please keep this centre open.



2015-02-06 22:43

It would be a monumental loss for this to close



2015-02-06 23:21

This is one of the good centres.. Please keep it open

#19 Sure start petition

2015-02-07 01:16

A much used and well known support for mothers and childminders, and of huge educational benefit to the children of the area as well as being a fun time out. More of these are needed not less. The ladies that run this are fantastic and really have put their all into this for the sake of the children. 



2015-02-07 03:37

Why close something that works well and is so beneficial to so many!



2015-02-07 08:02

Elaine is absolutely wonderful and have found Mytchett sure start centre an invaluable source of advice, wonderful classes and warmth just around the corner. I always felt supported in my community and made the first year with my baby a fantastic one.



2015-02-07 08:17

This mytchett centre has been amazing the staff and facilities. It really helped me when my baby was born. :-)



2015-02-07 08:17

A child's start in life is crucified to their later development. Sure Start centres make a big difference.


#24 Re:

2015-02-07 08:19

#23: -  I think thats meant to say 'Crucial' !!




2015-02-07 08:42

Children centre's do a great job supporting families ...i signed this petition to keep this centre open as I know how important the work they do is..