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BREAKING! Help to avoid deportation of Chechen political refugee to Russia

I. M. (beteckning 50184254), who has fled from Russia to Sweden on the 10th of November in 2014, eventually received a negative decision from Migration authorities. I. M. has 9 minor children. He is chased by Kadyrov (Russian) authorities in Russia. The truthfullness of his story has been confirmed by such famous human rights defending organisation, which are trusted on the international level, as:1) Norwegian Helsinki Committee2) Russian human rights center Memorial, in particular Svetlana Gann

Created: 2018-12-20 Statistics


This petition has been started, because I think Edinburgh City Council should honour the late Alan Longmuir,founder member of Edinburgh band,the Bay City Rollers,with lasting recognition,by dedicating a street/lane/avenue in his honour.Alan Longmuir Street/Lane/Avenue would be a fitting tribute to the man who started the worldwide music phenomenon, Bay City Rollers. As can be seen in the attached photograph,Liverpool have honoured their famous Sons by dedicating in this way(not to mention two st

Created: 2018-09-19 Statistics


I’m sure we have all been to Gbar when Whitney has played Anywhere by Rita Ora, let’s get her wobbling her head with her in person !!!

Created: 2018-04-26 Statistics

Action against Whitburn Health Clinic

The People of our town are standing up to the disgraceful way we are treated from both staff & Doctors at Whitburn Clinic. The lack of compassion & empathy is appalling towards people who are ill, frightened & need help. This is not a page for people to just bad mouth staff or doctors but to help our community receive the service we need.

Created: 2013-11-18 Statistics

Save our District Council

We the undersigned object strongly to the idea of the abolition of the North West Leicestershire  District Council, and oppose any powers being transferred to the Leicestershire County Council which will cost in the region of £13 Million of taxpayers money if this proposal goes ahead. 

Created: 2018-06-30 Statistics

re-open beastrampz

We want your signiture! Beast rampz being the only indoor skate park left open in the manchester area has recently closed its doors due to financial problems, BEAST RAMPZ is a 27500 foot indoor skate park that caters for all action sports including: Skate Bmx Scooter Inline For the manchester community that attend beast rampz there is now nowhere else to riding an indoor skatepark in manchester. This is a dis hart to us all and we need something done. We demand that the local council (http://ww

Created: 2015-10-06 Statistics

Save EMS Stockholm!

Save EMS! EMS – Elektronmusikstudion – the Swedish centre for electronic music and sound art, is in trouble. Since 1964 EMS has been an important hub in this field, in Sweden and internationally, making its professional studios available for the production of these kinds of art. EMS runs a well-known residency program for artists from around the world, and is also essential when it comes to knowledge-production and education. EMS is a highly artistic organization, run as an independent part of M

Created: 2018-12-10 Statistics

اعتراض به مصوبه غیرقانونی24آبان1397شورایعالی سازمان نظام پزشکی

باسمه تعالی استاد گرانقدر و فرزانه جناب آقای دکتر محمد رضا ظفرقندی رییس محترم شورای عالی سازمان نظام پزشکی با اهداء سلام و تحیات و ضمن تشکر از تلاش ستودنی جنابعالی و اعضای فرهیخته شورای عالی در دستیابی به یک مصوبه قانونی و محکمه پسند در خصوص باز گرداندن شرایط عضویت دانش ­آموختگان دکترای تخصصی (PhD) علوم­ آزمایشگاهی پزشکی به روال علمی و قانونی خود، در مورد مصوبه مورخ 24/8/1397 آن شورا به استحضار می رساند که ملاک قرار دادن مدرک کارشناسی و حتی کارشناسی ارشد رشته های مربوطه و تبعیض بین افرادی که بر

Created: 2018-11-19 Statistics

Save Ramin Hossein Panahi

On June 23th, Ramin Hossein Panahi, a member of Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, was shot by Iranian soldiers in Sanandaj, Kurdistan Iran, after which he was detained, for informing Iranians on human rights issues. His family and friends have not heard from him since and Ramin is denied medical care, while he has been badly wounded, and his right to a lawyer. His family also has not been informed about his whereabouts and is denied visitation rights. We, the undersigned, therefore strongly urg

Created: 2017-07-18 Statistics

Slipper lobsters should be recognised as true lobsters

Campaign for slipper lobsters to either be raised to lobster rank or just not be referred to as lobsters at all. It's pretty rude to demean them in this way. Thank You.  

Created: 2017-03-12 Statistics