A small percentage of people get rich out of the fireworks that you buy.  You spend money that you truly could put to much better use, making them rich.  In a few seconds all you have left is rubbish at your feet, deaf eardrums, smoke in the air.  It is all gone.  All that money went up in smoke.  For what?  

Why do you have to have loud bang fireworks to celebrate anything?  STOP and think about it.  Surely it is about the beauty of the lights in the sky and not the loud, frightening bang?  Silent fireworks have exactly the same effect.  They are beautiful.  If you HAVE to have fireworks to celebrate PLEASE use Silent Fireworks.

Silent fireworks do not traumatise or kill animals, frighten babies, scare small children.  We are not talking domestic animals only, so those of you who say that they should be tranquilised, locked up in a sound proof room (we all have one of those don't we?) etc.  STOP.  Think about the birds who live in the trees, your garden, the park... think about the frogs, the owls, the mongeese, the ducks on the pond....

Please help to make loud bang fireworks illegal.  Please sign this petition.