Petition for Animal and Nature Police establishment 

Thank you for your allowing to really know yourself and really create a new life for Romania”s animals and nature! We live in a hostile , chaotic and hectic environment. Fortunately, we have laws that either prevent disastrous events, or save us from the clutches of danger. It's not just us, but pets and nature need laws to protect them, too. Please accept my choice to write as schematically as possible, I felt it so much easier you'll memorize the written.

An exercise of imagination, please, just 1 minute:

You are now a dog. You feel your body covered in fur, your snout and tongue but you cannot talk, only bark. You cannot say you're hurt, where it hurts, if you are hungry ask for a penny to get a bread, if you're thirsty to be able to buy a bottle of water. Exactly through this pass daily billions of souls in the world who do not speak. On their behalf it was done this petition. Equally important is the establishment of animals and nature Police for Romanian and worldwide society as it makes us more responsible, more aware, less selfish and develop our capacity to empathize with each other. Because once you truly realize that animals have consciousness, that they have needs we free ourselves from egocentrism and become an effective team to get us out of the crisis that deepened not only Romania, but the entire planet named Earth! Both we and the poor animals that sleep right now in the cold, without a law requiring the creation of cages with at least straw to make some heat for animals kept in the chain, outside, a law to protect our forests vandalized by companies such as IKEA which   has bought 33,600 hectares of forest in Romania   to be deforested and turned into furniture!

Ikea has bought 33,600 hectares of forest in Romania


This is a desperate call to start the much-needed change in Romania! This is a snowball that will tumble and will trigger a wave of extremely beneficial and necessary changes to our country and to the entire world!

Please help me gather at least 200,000 signatures for the establishment of Police animals and nature really be taken into account!

I am currently working on the Law to protect animals and nature and if we have signatures until its completion, the law can be directly proposed in Parliament! Let us turn Romania into a country like its beauty deserves!


My motto?

ROMANIA, wake up!