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No more Yellow Lines in Faversham's historic town centre

Faversham Town Council's Public Realm Group is currently considering (page 14, item 4.4) the repainting of the frequently ignored and now fading yellow lines AND the painting of yellow lines around the Guildhall - Faversham's architectural centrepiece. Such moves will set the town backwards, damaging its attraction to visitors and, as a consequence, its economic vitality. And they would simply look awful, especially in the vicinity of the recently installed plaque that honours the valour of Sir

Created: 2015-03-05 Statistics

No music desert in Basel!

>>please scroll down and sign below<<   Petition to the government of Basel-Stadt   On September 1, 2014, musicians who had been living and working in Basel for years were informed that they would have to leave Switzerland. The reason given was a change in policy at the Federal Office for Migration.  This change in policy makes entirely unrealistic demands on professional musicians: all musicians from non-EU countries have to demonstrate that they have 75% employment from a single em

Created: 2014-12-03 Statistics

We ask council to reconsider cutting Play Bus

The council is seriously considering stopping the Play Bus service after Christmas This means no more play bus in Hangleton Park! We are requesting that Brighton & Hove City Council reconsiders it's possible decision to cut their play service.This is needed within the community for parents and children to play and interact with each other in a outside healthy environment This Petition was created by our councillors Dawn Barnett, Tony Janio and Nick Lewry who are passionate in making sure thi

Created: 2015-10-16 Statistics

10 Year Special Edition of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

10 Year Special Re-release of Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare exactly as it was, with NO modifications except a better quality resolution for the Xbox One & PS4

Created: 2015-12-09 Statistics

reduce the speed limit of wigan road

We the undersigned call for a reduction in the speed limit of wigan road from 40mph to 30mph.  Wigan road is a busy main road used by vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians on a daily basis. The current speed limit for the road through hunger hill is set at 40mph.  Local residents are petitioning for a change in the speed limit following the horrific accident that took place on the 3rd of September, an accident that has touched the whole community. Two young children of 10 and 8 were crossing the ro

Created: 2015-09-10 Statistics

Save Newmarket Stables, Durban

20th July 2015: Ethekweni Municipality served 1 months notice to Management, Committee members and family of Newmarket Stables, to vacate the premises by the 30th August 2015. Newmarket Stables, the last Equestrian club in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, has been given notice to vacate the premises it has occupied for more than a century, to make way for a new soccer academy. Equestrian world and people of Durban, we have only one chance to save this historical site. We have only one chance to retain th

Created: 2015-07-21 Statistics

Refurbish Ringwoods Regal

We the undersigned ask the current owners of the dilapidated site, the New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council to discuss the options available to bring back into use the Regal Cinema Ringwood. To be used by RMDS, Forest Forge and other live performance artists, both theatrical and musical and also for screening film. Being in Ringwood with car parking for over 300 within 100 yards and within the Town centre it is very accessible and would benefit the town, bringing much needed

Created: 2014-10-01 Statistics

Wellcat Food Collection Bins Scrapped at Sainsburys

Wellcat have been reliant on the generous donations of cat food and other items used fre the cats in their care, left in the collection bins at Sainsburys store in Blackheath, Birmingham. Notice has been given that Sainsburys as a group will no longer be allowing such collection bins to be given a place in their stores. This will HEAVILY impact Wellcat (and indeed any other local, self funded charities who use this method of donation) as up to 80% of the food and essential items for cats in thei

Created: 2015-04-24 Statistics

Say NO to Clarendon Park Residents Parking

We, the residents of Clarendon Park, oppose any form of Parking Scheme being introduced into the Castle Ward catchment. The Council are borrowing at least £300,000+ in order to introduce the scheme into the area. The money made from the parking permits only serves to stand as an additional tax back to the Council without improving the situation. Local residents and businesses have not been well informed to date with the Council's plans with consultation leaflets not being delivered-the final vot

Created: 2015-12-06 Statistics

Save Sandy Lane Parkland

We request that Newcastle Borough Council recognises the community use of the Parkland at the junction of Sandy Lane and Brampton Road.  We call on the council to preserve it in its entirety as public open space.

Created: 2014-09-16 Statistics