Mishkas Story - Stop Ponderosa Rescue Kennels!!

Ponderosa Rescue Kennels and Cattery in Allerton Bywater are neglecting the medical and general care of animals in rescue with them.  They are not providing suitable homes for some animals, ignoring behavioural issues, not carrying out home-checks, over-charging and not following up on problems with adopted animals.  Local colleges have banned work placements there due to the conditions, animals are needing emergency veterinary care and behavioural assistance on leaving them.  They are not monitoring the welfare of animals they rehome.

Mishka is a 2 year old white and light brown husky x that came to my attention as her owner was having her put to sleep because a) she pulls b) possible toy aggression - those were the only reasons.  I couldn't stand by and watch this happen so I offered to help.  Mishka was given to the owner 2 months ago with a list of instructions of things she shouldn't do ... sone included some aggression relation so rehoming her wasn't a good idea anyway with an inexperienced owner.  I took Mishka the day before she was due to die with the intention of rehoming her or getting her back to her kennel as they had actually told the owner they didn't want her back and to put her to sleep although the website clearly states a no destruction policy. They did, however, have a clear contract advising the owner could not part with the dog without consent so out of courtesy I called them to advise I was looking after her until she could be returned.  I was told to keep her, no homecheck, no questions, no concern :( when I asked to speak further on the matter I was told to come down Monday.  It became clear that Mishka had no pulling issues, no food or toy aggression but she did have a huge fear of other dogs - with me having 5 it was better for her to go back to Ponderosa where she could be fully assessed before decisions were made on a new home for her.  The contract also stipulated that.  I took her back the following day and was greeted by a very rude woman who refused point blank to speak with me.  I attached Mishkas lead to the veranda whilst I tried to reason with the lady and explain her contractual obligations to Mishka.  She accused me of tying the dog to dump her, threatened me and was verbally abusive.  We wanted to offer our time to work with Mishka and possibly sponsor her whilst she got the behavioural therapy she needed as the issue she had could clearly be worked on and possibly resolved.  The woman was hollering and screaming at me that she would report me for abandoning a dog so I walked away.  It broke my heart to leave Mishka but my intentions were to speak to the RSPCA immediately regarding Mishka.  When I went public with this story I received more heart-breaking news,  stories from too many people to mention of animal neglect, mistreatment, shocking conditions, over-pricing, no home checks and severe behavioural issues with a large number of rehome dogs from there.  Colleges have stopped placing students there and they are already on the animal welfare radar having been reported previously.  As they operate under a charity the Dog Wardens have no power to penalise them.  This morning Ponderosa have rung the Dog Warden and lied saying a stray was dumped on the door step this morning and could he take her.  The description fits Mishka - luckily the dog warden was already aware and has contacted me and I have offered to give him the contracts I still hold.  If they have done this today, how many other dogs have they done this to.  Please help me to help Mishka - don't let this girls struggle be in vain - let's be the voice for all the poor animals who rely on these people to take care of them