Operation Keep The London Toy Fair Alive!

This petition is aimed at all Independent toy retailers, wether you be Toymaster members, AIS Members or just stand alone independents. We need to keep the London Toy Fair as it is today without these big companies dropping out and choosing Nuremberg as a better option.

So hasbro dropped out of london toy fair.. now mga. As the UK independents we need stand together to keep the london toy fair alive. These companies know this is to alot of the independents the only way of seeing newly launched products, do they not care? No.

We need to get something going here united as one group to stress the importance of the show. As individuals they dont care but together as the one buying group we can be strong. The larger members may go down for previews etc but the smaller guys will not get a look in.. 

The playing field is already uneven enough.. its time we stood up for ourselves.

Early launches in the nationals. stupid promotions in the nationals etc etc.. but now not even being given chance to view product!!! 

I suggest a petition signed by every member to get these companies to notice the importance to us all of the london toy fair!!

Lets keep the uk toy industry alive... we aint travelling to germany to see suppliers.. they need to cater to us.

They may not care but lets show them we do.

The independents are the heart and sole of the toy trade.. so lets give these guys a heart attack and show them what we are made of!!

Also reaching out to all Toy suppliers, obviously without the big guys supporting the show attendance is likely to drop. Surely none of you want to see this happen. The industry as a whole is very much reliant on this fair accross the board.