Most popular petitions in UK in 2015

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Save Torriano Infants

As some of you may know the parents of both Torriano Schools received a devastating letter this afternoon to inform us that the school is trying to become one school. Now it is two separate schools, with two headteachers, two set of staff teams, two playgrounds etc! This benefits the children who attend Torriano so much with their Social & development needs.  By the schools becoming one, how will the "Headteacher" decide where her time goes and where will she be based? What building? What st

Created: 2015-05-15 Statistics

Nuka-Cola by Coca~Cola.

Understanding the success and attention that is brought through promotional marketing to the gaming community, especially in snack foods and sodas that are very commonly associated with gaming crowds, it is overwhelmingly unprecedented that a 6 pack of glass bottle CocaCola with promotional Fallout 4 packaging design dubbed "Nuka-Cola" would be successful.   After the success of Pepsi's Mt.Dew Product "GameFuel"  that assisted promoting games such as Halo 3, World of Watercraft, Call of Duty MW3

Created: 2015-07-08 Statistics

Save Elstead & Villages Sure Start Children's Centre

   Surrey County Council have to make £2.7 million of savings in the next financial year and they have proposed that our centre is one of eight Sure Start Centres in the area that can be closed.  They are taking that proposal to the Cabinet at the end of May in the hope that it will be agreed that a public consultation can be started soon after. We have been asked by parents to find a way for them to put their objections forward to that meeting and this petition is the simplest option. Please ta

Created: 2015-04-13 Statistics

We want naseeha sessions channel back !!

‪#‎BringBackNaseehaSessions‬ Naseeha sessions is a youtube channel that has benifited thousands of people from all walks of life. It is a non-profit channel which is funded by its followers. The purpose of this channel is to give support and advice on prevalent issues that are affecting the young people of today. Unfortunately due to false copyright claims made against the channel it has resulted in its termination. We encourage those that have benifited from this channel or support this communi

Created: 2015-01-02 Statistics

For an animal police in Flanders(Belgium)

Because now this service doesn't work at all: the official police and the administration for animal protection is not working good, they even LAUGH about the serious suffering of the animals (see photo's), they don't help, or much too late, or ineffectively. So, help us and our animals with your Vote. We thank you very much, for a world with less suffering. :)

Created: 2015-01-10 Statistics

Speed Control on Peel Green Road, Eccles,Manchester.

WOULD THIS MAKE YOU FEEL UNSAFE IN YOUR OWN HOME?? Imagine if this happened to your home!! Imagine if you were in the garden or just walking by when this happened!!  On Sunday 3rd of May 2015 @ 08:30AM this car was driven by a drunk driver, at speed up Peel Green Raod, when the driver lost control, smashing through a concrete re-inforced fence like it was nothing, and into our house.This is the 5th time something like this has happened to our property, but this time it impacted into our house!!

Created: 2015-05-07 Statistics

Reinstate the SGUL HelpDesk & AV department

As you all are aware the SGUL HelpDesk has been closed as a cost-saving exercise, which I believe is a counter-productive measure and in the long run will cost SGUL staff and students much more in time, efficiency and good working practise. Having a helpdesk means that majority of queries can be dealt with promptly (within 5mins) as a walk-in or on the phone, without having to wait for 2 days in an email queue.Likewise as a university we need a dedicated AV team to keep lecture theatres and t

Created: 2015-01-06 Statistics

return Little Harrowden bench!

 As some may have noticed, our parish council have taken it upon themselves to remove our village bench, situated on the village green.  Not only was this bench a memorial bench to a much loved member of the community and brought by his wife and family, the bench also holds many years of memories for generations of fellow villagers! The bench is still used regularly by walkers in the village as a rest point before heading back home, where are they going to rest now?  I ask you to sign this petit

Created: 2015-12-09 Statistics

Save Ebrington Primary School (Gloucestershire)

We, the undersigned, are strongly opposed to the proposed closure of Ebrington Primary School and pupil transfer to St James School in Chipping Campden.  We support the efforts of 'Ebrington Parents Group' to keep the school open in the best interests of their children's education; in the interests of Ebrington Parish community and in order not to disadvantage residents of Chipping Campden with increased traffic and parking congestion.    

Created: 2015-12-08 Statistics

Say No Too Save Loved Ones Items!!.. Whitchurch Cemetery!!

Please Say no too stop our loved ones items being removed from Whitchurch cemetery without our permission.. The cemetery board are removing items without our permission, we are not too put artificial flowers, small fencing, or anything that is in front of our loved ones headstone. And the shape and size too be at there standard!.. People use artificial flowers as some people arnt so fortunate too be able too attend a loved ones grave weekly or monthly!..It's hard enough losing the person you lov

Created: 2015-07-02 Statistics