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This is a petition to STOP any planning or houses being built on the Glebe land in Roche, St Austell, Cornwall.

Created: 2014-06-30 Statistics


Let's get this petition signed and let's bring back the liquidator to molineux :) Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: @wolvesaywe87  

Created: 2014-03-24 Statistics

Petition for Single Agency for the Support of Survivors of Abuse

It seems that it is almost every week there is a report of how a child has suffered in an abusive home and has been failed by the very agencies that are in place in the UK to prevent this happening. Time and again the reports show that it is there is not a single cause for children not being properly protected, rather it is a series of tragic omissions by those who should be safeguarding them. Our current system is failing in so many respects. Please add your support by signing this on-line peti

Created: 2013-12-06 Statistics

Bareknuckle Fighting

I would like ALL Bareknuckle Fighters to sign this petition so we can get something done about this Conservative MP for Bosworth Mr David Tredinnick that stopped the events that were supposed to take place Saturday. BKB is a sport and ALL that partake are from all walks of life. One misconception is that when the Marquess of Queensberry rules came into being around the turn of the 19th and 20th century, or mainstream boxing as we now know it, that gloves were used, but this is not the case. Also

Created: 2014-07-05 Statistics

Let's Get Married

As of 29 March 2014 sixteen countries have legalized same sex marriage. However Northern Ireland hasn't. The DUP beleive there will be consequences for society. If you want to make a change simply sign the petition below and lets make a difference in Northern Ireland today.

Created: 2014-04-30 Statistics

Stop killing stray dogs

خمام، شهری میان رشت و بندر انزلی، در این شبها قتلگاه سگ های خیابانی شد!همراه با آغاز دوباره ی سیر سگ کشی در کشور، عبور و مرور از ساعت 12شب به بعد در شهر خمام ممنوع گردیدهدلیل این ممنوعیت کشتار سگ های خیابانی در این ساعت مقرر بیان شده!از تمامی دوستان برای جلوگیری از این جنایت سازماندهی شده بر علیه حقوق حیوانات طلب یاری داریم.آنچه از این حقیر بر می آمد، طراحی چند پوستر بود. کمی ها و کاستی ها را به عمق فاجعه ببخشید. تازه رسیدم پناهگاه، صدای سفیر گلوله در دوردستها میپیچد و سگها به ناگهان شروع به واق

Created: 2014-03-08 Statistics

School Crossing Outside Blakehill School

Since Jim's retirement last year there has been no crossing patrol outside Blakehill School. It is a very busy road with a bad bend. Luckily my son was not seriously hurt when knocked over trying to cross Highfield Rd on 4th June 2014 but next time a child could die. We need crossing patrol NOW! There is an island in middle of road but on a very bad bend. Please sign petition to get Bradford Council to rectify this problem NOW before it's too late.

Created: 2014-06-05 Statistics


KEEP MS JO SHUTER AT KING SOLOMON HIGH SCHOOL We've all heard the allegations, we all have opinions, and we can only work on fact.  Whilst no one can condone inappropriate actions, we below would like Ms Jo Shuter to remain as head of King Solomon High School to continue being the driving force of our amazing school. We believe in her, we support her, and we trust she will do the best for our children, our school and our community. Please join out support in retaining Ms Shuter so she c

Created: 2014-05-08 Statistics

Stop NatWest closing the Sonning Common bank

Sonning Common is one of the largest villages in South Oxfordshire with a thriving local economy within the Reading and Henley-on-Thames commuter belt. (Website: ) It is one of the fastest growing villages/small towns in S.Oxfordshire with its own commercial centre, health centre and numerous thriving businesses. It has been designated for compulsory expansion with a large allocation of homes to be built under the Local Development Plan. It sits astride one of th

Created: 2014-05-15 Statistics

Save our vocational unit at Ernulf Academy

the vociational unit (youth award) is going to be closed down in september of this year and although many of you will not have had children in this department i would like you to surport this cause mrs mckenzie-reid has run this department for many years and done wonderful things for the children in her care the children who are placed in here cannot cope with mainstream classrooms so if this closes we are not sure how these children will cope so im asking for your surport to sign this pertition

Created: 2014-01-17 Statistics

S.O.S Doversgreen Playgroup

HELP SAVE DOVERS GREEN PLAYGROUP Dovers Green playgroup is a non-profit nursery and has been running for the past 37 years. providing child care for the local community. For the last 14 years it as been sited at Dovers Green School Reigate. Surrey County Council has give the nursery until 6 December to vacate the site [not even halfway through a 10yr lease] unless an alternative site can be found and made fit for purpose by this date will be forced to close resulting in 40 children not having nu

Created: 2014-06-28 Statistics

No To Whitchurch AD Plant

There is an application submitted for an Anaerobic Digestion plant in Whitchurch, Shropshire. Under planning reference 14/01398/MAW. Please view our website on for full details of this application. There have been many disasters with these plants, the latest yesterday,  30th May 2014 at Harper Adams University. (For the second time). This will increase traffic, smells, ruin our countryside, and it is outside of the Samdev areas, and many more issues. Please support us

Created: 2014-05-31 Statistics

Save The Beech Tree!

The Beech Tree has been conditionally sold to a retail company with future plans to host a Convenience Store on the premises. It is, as yet, unknown whether the plans include demolishing the historical building. If this sale and development is permitted, our comminity will lose it's most prominent feature. Even if you don't use the pub personally, please support it's preservarion anyway for several reasons: 1. Barnton hosts a Spar Garage, a Co-Op, a Nisa and two general stores run by local peopl

Created: 2014-09-02 Statistics

Save the night train from Denmark to Europe

Travelling by train is environmentally friendly, fast and comfortably. In the long distance between the countries of Europe, it is extra important to have alternatives to energy-guzzling air travel. Therefore, it is smart to enter a train in the evening, sleep on the train, and arrive around Europe next morning. The night train is not only a part of the past; the night train is also part of the future of transportation. Whether it's for business travelers, families or cheap travelers. A short si

Created: 2014-07-10 Statistics

Cosham safer road petition

Please sign our petition to make Cosham roads safer. Namely, we're petitioning to get a new crossing in Lower Cosham (near the Portsbridge pub) so that residents, families and mums can safely cross the busy main road to access the parks, busses and bus stops, playing fields and more. Currently it is dangerous to cross here. Many people (elderly, mums, young children etc) are reporting near misses and stressful encounters at this area in Cosham. Let's make a difference to try and make Cosham road

Created: 2014-02-17 Statistics

No music desert in Basel!

>>please scroll down and sign below<<   Petition to the government of Basel-Stadt   On September 1, 2014, musicians who had been living and working in Basel for years were informed that they would have to leave Switzerland. The reason given was a change in policy at the Federal Office for Migration.  This change in policy makes entirely unrealistic demands on professional musicians: all musicians from non-EU countries have to demonstrate that they have 75% employment from a single em

Created: 2014-12-03 Statistics

Help the foundation learners at Suffolk One

I'm setting up a petition to try and help the foundation learners at suffolk one allowing them to go five days a week instead of three. It's horrible that they should be treated any different they deserve to be at Suffolk one five days as week just like any one! Please help me by signing the petition,  so we can try and change Alan Whittakers(principal of suffolk one) mind  

Created: 2014-03-30 Statistics


Amandas story. I was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and when I went to hospital to get my test results I suffered the most traumatic experience of my life.  On arrival at the hospital I was told to sit in a waiting area with similar patients and wait until I was called in to see my consultant.  During this wait I saw a number of people go in and then come out in floods of tears.  It was not pleasant and seeing so many other distressed people added to my anxiety as I waited for my result

Created: 2014-07-14 Statistics

Request for mullaco's to boycott products that fund israel

Please sign the petition to stop mullaco's of Dewsbury to buycott the products that are funding israel

Created: 2014-08-03 Statistics

One Million to ban brutal massacre of Lions!

People are raising them.... Children play with these lion cubs in a petting zoo. Accustoming them to people and throwing them off their guard and fear...When they reach appropriate weight and size they are sedated and sentenced to death by well –paying tourist’s weapons.This is “CANNED HUNTING”.The most disgusting form to murder animals.In the recent six decades the number of lions has dropped in the World bellow 30 thousand from 400 thousand.The species is on the edge of extinction!The authori

Created: 2014-06-11 Statistics