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Since a neighbouring business painted double yellow lines on the road to prevent users of Fun For Kids to Park closely to the establishment, Andy has sufferered a significant loss in takings. Signing this petition means you support Fun for Kids and their campaign for the council to remove the concrete bollards and open the derelict area behind Fun For Kids, Kendal (once known as the K Shoes overflow car park) to enable users of their establishment and users of KKS Astro-turf to park their cars c

Created: 2014-02-14 Statistics

Derby Hippodrome

We, the Derby Hippodrome Restoration Trust, aim to restore this Grade II listed building back to a beautiful working theatre, to provide a fully equipped and culturally significant landmark in Derby. The DHRT urges the people of Derby to demonstrate their support for the initiatives needed to realize the restoration of the Derby Hippodrome Theatre.  The restored theatre would contain 1000+ seats, large enough to accommodate popular and profitable touring productions.  According to the recent

Created: 2014-04-08 Statistics


I the undersigned confirm my support for the urgent need for a lift for Amersham Station

Created: 2014-04-07 Statistics

Medi-link extension

·         The 63 and 65 country bus services to the Queen’s Medical Centre were withdrawn in August 2014   ·          They provided the population in villages of South Nottinghamshire and the Soar Valley with direct and easy access to the Queen’s Medical Centre and through the Medi-link service a quick connection to Nottingham City Hospital.   ·          The service was used by patients attending clinics, hospital visitors also hospital staff.   ·          As a result of the withdrawal, bus jo

Created: 2014-11-04 Statistics

Road improvements for Fodderdyke Bank & Hobhole Bank.

Have you ever driven on Fodderdyke Bank & Hobhole Bank roads and thought to yourself,  "this road is awful, bumpy and dangerous"? Have you heard that there has been three cars pulled out of the drains in the last three weeks? Including, unfortunately, a death of one young man.  (source It's not a question of if there will be another accident on these roads, it is simply a question of when.If you're local, the chances are that you will know the perso

Created: 2014-10-09 Statistics


Support for jack Please sign this petition to support Jack Stevens

Created: 2014-11-19 Statistics


19 year old Cashief Nicholas that goes by the stage name Cashtastic born in jamaica but was brought up in the streets of England as he came here at the age of 6. He grew up in the streets of gang known peckham, once or twice fell in to the wrong track. However falling into the wrong trap due to bad company is something that tends to happen with a lot of teenagers. But, changing themselves around not just for the better of themselves but for the better of the young ones around them is something t

Created: 2014-03-26 Statistics

Faversham Yellow Lines

Please note that this petition has now closed. A new petition against the painting of Yellow Lines around the historic Guildhall has opened HERE. _____________ We urge Swale Borough Council to vary its decision to implement parking regulations in Faversham town centre by painting single and double yellow lines. We believe that these markings will be damaging to the visual appeal and economic prosperity of the town centre. We request the adoption of an alternative strategy that does not require

Created: 2014-04-02 Statistics

Water splash park - Didcot

To support the possible opening of a water splash park in Didcot.

Created: 2014-06-23 Statistics

Save M&S Woolwich

Marks & Spencer's Have Been A Valued Member Of The Community For Over 100 Years, The Majority Of OurCustomers Have Shopped With Us Since They Were Small and therefore We Have GrownTogether. On The 2nd Of June Marks & Spencer Announced A Business Proposal To Close VariousStores, This Includes Our Beloved Woolwich Store. It Is devastating News For Not Only The Loyal 53 Staff Members But For The EntireCommunity and The High Street As We Are Considered To Be The Heart Of Woolwich Town Centr

Created: 2014-06-04 Statistics

we do not agree with the proposed changes to the lunch break at gable hall school

this petition is against the proposed lunch time changes being implemented at gable hall secondary school. a trial is being held for the next two weeks and it has been confirmed it will be fully implemented in September after so called issues have been ironed out. The plan is to have a split lunch break with two houses  taking lunch from 12.15 to 12.45 whilst the other two houses have their  form time/assembly and then change over from 12.45 to 1.15. This is going to separate friends from each o

Created: 2014-06-10 Statistics

Better support for landlords

We previously had an incident at our pub where we refused to serve a number of customers after hours. One of these members then took it upon themselves to help themselves to a drink. Then come behind the bar and when asked to leave punched the landlady in the face breaking her nose. Her father also joined in with the abuse by throwing the pint which had been poured over the landlord shattering the glass and punching our son. Both parties have been let off with just a caution. If we had served af

Created: 2014-07-09 Statistics

Justice for Gaynor Fundira

We should all support Gaynor so that she is treated like any human being in the world. Everyone has a mental breakdown at one point but it does not mean that they can not live a normal life. She does not need to be sectioned for standing up for her rights. Gaynor allegedly found her husband cheating in their matrimonial home, if she was mentally disturbed she would have viciously attacked both her husband and the alleged mistress. Please sign this petition so that she is released back home and s

Created: 2014-06-03 Statistics

Denise and St George

A local cabbie in Newton Abbot Devon stands by her decision to display the English emblem sticker, and the words "Local Driver" on her licensed cab. The Teignbridge Licensing Officer says that if she continues to do so, they will refuse the issue of her next licence. Please show your support for Denise Said the cab driver in question,and  her democratic right, by signing this petition.

Created: 2013-11-16 Statistics

We Challenge Labour Campaign

This petition is calling for Labour  if they get elected in 2015 to repeal the Welfare Reform Act ! Ed Miliband says he will reverse the Bedroom Tax,NHS Privatisation,Work Capability Test,& Sack Atos Healthcare!   To do this would take the repealing of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 by his party,so Ed are you going to do this? As a labour supporter all my life I say put your money where your mouth is? PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON THE LABOUR PARTY BUT IF HE WANTS TO PUT PEOPLE BACK IN PO

Created: 2014-02-23 Statistics

Stop Testing on Monkeys

I ask that the Regents immediately take action to stop the unethical and scientifically unnecessary use of nonhuman primates in experiments at University of California campuses and laboratories. Animal experimentation fails to hold the promise of new technologies, including nanotechnology, microfluidic methods, stem cell research and personalized medicine; or to yield the comprehensive results of well-established research protocols such as clinical and epidemiological studies.  Ethically, animal

Created: 2013-09-12 Statistics

Stop halfway house @ plains farm

Please sing this petition to show how strongly we feel and to stop home housing building 1 Paton square plains farm sunderland sr3 1qw a half way house , apparently this is going to be for adults who have just come out of prison and could have been in for all different crimes . This estate is a residential estate and full of families and children , the square in which it is being built is full of children my mam lives here. . I think it's wrong we all won't feel safe and why should we pay rent

Created: 2014-08-08 Statistics

Refurbish Ringwoods Regal

We the undersigned ask the current owners of the dilapidated site, the New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council to discuss the options available to bring back into use the Regal Cinema Ringwood. To be used by RMDS, Forest Forge and other live performance artists, both theatrical and musical and also for screening film. Being in Ringwood with car parking for over 300 within 100 yards and within the Town centre it is very accessible and would benefit the town, bringing much needed

Created: 2014-10-01 Statistics


We ask for your support in keeping our village school, which has been serving our community since 1846 We, the undersigned, want to keep the school,  to educate local children, not to relocate it, nor expand it, and not to use grade 2 agricultural land to do so   Please support our Community

Created: 2014-01-23 Statistics

Eddisbury Square parking charges in Frodsham

This is a petition to get rid of the Eddisbury Square parking permit in Frodsham it is totally out of order and lots of businesses and trade are being affected and something needs to be done and quickly. If you don't agree with the parking charges which are £100 then please sign this petition and state your views as to why you are unhappy with it.

Created: 2014-02-01 Statistics