we do not agree with the proposed changes to the lunch break at gable hall school

this petition is against the proposed lunch time changes being implemented at gable hall secondary school.

a trial is being held for the next two weeks and it has been confirmed it will be fully implemented in September after so called issues have been ironed out.

The plan is to have a split lunch break with two houses  taking lunch from 12.15 to 12.45 whilst the other two houses have their  form time/assembly and then change over from 12.45 to 1.15.

This is going to separate friends from each other that are not in the same house groups ie wonder,Bussell, Da Vinci and hepburn

at the one point in the day they get to relax and unwind together with their friends.This option is taking away the childrens rights to be able to lunch with who they wish.

There are several other alternatives that are used in other local secondary schools, such as increasing the lunch hour to 45-50 minutes with no restrictions on who has to lunch with whom or that the children are sent in year groups, thus not seperating then from their friends

if you are a pupil,teacher,parent or a local member of the community please sign and share this petition if you request the school to look at and find a suitable alternative to what is being offered at present.