Faversham Yellow Lines

http://timstonor.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/img_7574.jpgPlease note that this petition has now closed.

A new petition against the painting of Yellow Lines around the historic Guildhall has opened HERE.


We urge Swale Borough Council to vary its decision to implement parking regulations in Faversham town centre by painting single and double yellow lines. We believe that these markings will be damaging to the visual appeal and economic prosperity of the town centre.

We request the adoption of an alternative strategy that does not require road markings to be painted but instead uses landscape design - paviors and granite setts - to denote where evening parking is permitted.

There are many examples of the landscape design approach that we propose. These do not use painted lines.

This alternative strategy would be in keeping with the historic character of a town centre that currently has no painted lines - a rare jewel among town centres and a precious asset that should not be degraded.

Organised by Tim Stonor, resident of Faversham

Letter to Swale Borough Council

Plan of Swale Borough Council's proposals

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