Derby Hippodrome

photo inside theatre

We, the Derby Hippodrome Restoration Trust, aim to restore this Grade II listed building back to a beautiful working theatre, to provide a fully equipped and culturally significant landmark in Derby.

The DHRT urges the people of Derby to demonstrate their support for the initiatives needed to realize the restoration of the Derby Hippodrome Theatre.  The restored theatre would contain 1000+ seats, large enough to accommodate popular and profitable touring productions.  According to the recent Feasibility Study commissioned by Derby City Council the lack of such a facility is “the single biggest gap in the city’s cultural offer” and one which “has a significant negative impact on the quality of life of people that live in the city and its immediate vicinity.” The restoration of the Derby Hippodrome would undeniably generate and attract more industry and business for Derby, as well as restoring a beautiful and culturally significant theatre.

We need the Derby City Council to take action to enable this to happen.  They have done nothing for the past few years and seem intent on letting this "sleeping princess" fall further into decay.  For further details of the Trust’s plans, please see our website ( and, in particular, our latest newsletter there.  When you sign we would be delighted if you would also leave a comment.  Thank you.