Wellcat Food Collection Bins Scrapped at Sainsburys

Wellcat have been reliant on the generous donations of cat food and other items used fre the cats in their care, left in the collection bins at Sainsburys store in Blackheath, Birmingham.

Notice has been given that Sainsburys as a group will no longer be allowing such collection bins to be given a place in their stores.

This will HEAVILY impact Wellcat (and indeed any other local, self funded charities who use this method of donation) as up to 80% of the food and essential items for cats in their care come from these donation bins which have been in place for over 10 years now!

Local, self funded rescues do not receive any government funding for the work they do and the loss of these donation bins will potentially risk further rescue and of course be a real problem for the cats in long term care at Wellcat and could mean the rescue will have to close its doors!!

We are petitioning Sainsburys to rethink this drastic course of action and hope they will decide to allow the collection bins to remain in store.

To find out more about the work Wellcat do in the community see the website www.wellcat.org.uk

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