We say "no" to additional Veolia lorry movements on bank holiday

After much objection by local people Veolia withdrew two planning applications to permanently increase lorry movements to the incinerator in Newhaven East Sussex on bank holidays. Instead they are using the back door by requesting the planning officer use his delegated powers to "relax" condition 28 of the original planning application for the incinerator.  Condition 28 was set down to protect local residents amenities and restricted lorry movements to the incinerator particularly on Bank Holidays.  We can stop Veolia using this back door by submitting a petition to insist that any application for relaxation of condition 28 submitted to East Sussex County Council be considered by the full planning committee and not decided by an individual officer.

By doing this we would at least have the opportunity to raise objections to applications and allow the proper democratic process to take it's course.