Redditch United Refused Relocation

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2013-10-24 21:17

Ground relocation would be beneficial for both RBC and RUFC



2013-10-24 21:26

Good luck guys.



2013-10-24 21:31

Redditch Council, you're supposed to be supporting this town and the people who put things into it. The Reds certainly do that, so please help them do even more!



2013-10-24 21:40

Sport is the future of community. Community is the future of people. People are the future of this town.



2013-10-25 07:14

It will bring jobs and revenue to the area



2013-10-25 10:13

Think it will be brilliant for the town!



2013-10-25 11:15

Good luck guys

#8 Redditch United must be supported by the council - for it's future's sake

2013-10-25 19:14

I travel from London to watch RUFC and hope to continue doing so with my family. This new stadium is the best way of securing RUFC's future and the council must see sense. PLEASE.



2013-10-25 20:46

Let's march from the Valley to the Town Hall!!!!
Then have a drink in the Sportsman!!!



2013-10-25 21:42

This move must happen for the future of the Club. The youngsters are the future, let's do it for them. We need to put Redditch on the map for the right reasons and get the first team into the football league.



2013-10-26 04:17

Is it possible to make the Old Club the future academy site for the progressive future of Redditchunited.



2013-10-26 14:29

we have a decent shopping centre,a great sports stadium a good hospital,but need an updated football
ground.Football fans must cringe when they see a stadium with a leaky roof not to mention the changing facilities.So come on Redditch Council,there is always talk about keeping our kids active so give them somewhere decent where they can join in.



2013-10-26 16:49

The proposal makes sense and can only be of benefit to Redditch



2013-10-26 16:58

this venture would be the right move forward for Redditch, it would bring in so much more interest, and enhance grassroots football, I work with children and young people of Redditch and believe it would benefit them.................come on RBC how could you object?

#15 Look at Evesham and Stratfotds redevelopment

2013-10-26 17:47

If you let this go ahead you could see more local teams using the pitches and I personally think that it has created better grass roots opportunities in the other areas. Not only that it would make better surfaces for teams to use as the current pitches are dreadful and its coming to that time of year when teams end up postponing games due to the current state of pitches.



2013-10-27 17:55

The new facility will offer so much to the local community



2013-10-27 18:53

I am a line dance instructor and if I could have a printed version of this petition I could get quite a lot of signatures for you. Jan Prior e.mail: - good luck you deserve it x



2013-10-27 21:34

This is wonderful opportunity to benefit the young people of Redditch please reconsider and do not pass up this great proposal!!!



2013-10-28 09:40

Save the reds



2013-10-28 13:07

It's an insult to to our Beautiful Town, that is trying as hard as it can to attract people to the Town as well as providing entertainment for us ALL, to be Refused Space for Reddich Untied FC some where to call Their Home Ground, after all we are talking about Redditch Untied FC & not any other team, The folk of Redditch Town should ALL get behind the Club & make sure they have a Home Ground that Away Teams are Happy to play at. I speak as someone that is not a Die Hard Football Fan.



2013-10-28 14:11

The facilities at the Valley are from the 1970's.
The RUFC youth teams are superbly well organized and offer so much to the young children of the town.
RBC...this is a decision for the not waste the opportunity as the club will die without the financial support of Mr & Mrs Swan and then it will be too late. You owe it for the people who voted for you to make exactly this kind of decision.



2013-10-28 18:41

Please please support this football club..Redditch United are my home town club and deserve a new stadium,it will give the whole town a massive boost with a successful football club..and with publicity the whole town WILL get behind army!



2013-10-28 18:56

The football club like the Alex hospital are part of the history & magnetism of Redditch that the people & commerce in the Uk & worldwide look to.
We don't want to become a ghost town that doesn't attract business, youth & culture..



2013-10-28 18:59

While understanding the concern of Councillors to make sure the financial aspects of a new ground are viable, I am sure they accept that a town of this size would benefit greatly from a flourishing football club playing at a high level. I hope they will continue to discuss the situation with the club and see the sense in going ahead.



2013-10-28 21:39

My daughter plays for development team for RUGFC and have to move to trinity to play in the winter. This move would be beneficial for so many!