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2013-10-18 19:19

C'mon Sport England---The Tullis is a lovely campsite and the toilet block is pretty crucial to it.



2013-10-18 22:04

No one likes to 5h1t in the woods apart from Bears.



2013-10-19 11:35

As chairman of the Sandstone climbing club we built the julie Tullis campsite and handed this over to the BMC on the understanding that they would run it and of course ensure that there were toilet facilities there.



2013-10-19 21:58

This facility is an essential part of the hugely used nearby climbing area and the Julie Tullis Memorial Campground for climbers. It is incredible that Sport for England plans to abandon it.



2013-10-19 22:07

From your own website "

Sport England is committed to helping people and communities across the country create sporting habits for life.

This means investing in organisations and projects that will get more people playing sport and creating opportunities for people to excel at their chosen sport."

Come on then! It isn't as if you're being asked to build a bridge to the Moon



2013-10-20 20:14

This building is suffering from water ingress, and the lack of adequate attention has resulted in damage to ceilings and the electricity supply. Roof timbers below the area of the roof tank are sodden and have been this way for some time, leading to partial rotting and rot spaws are clearly visible. The water has also run down the wall supporting the incoming main, causing the supporting panel for the incomming supply to disintigrate, how was this not seen and attended to? Approx. 5m2 of ceiling below the tank area were so sodden with water, that it was felt necessary to remove it before it fell on someone and causeed injury. Removal indicated damage seems to be located below the water tank and requires urgent investigation to stop the spred of damage. An inspection of the roof outlet found it to be dry underneath, and not responsible for the damage. Act now to save this excelent facility, before more damage is caused.



2013-10-21 00:04

I've grown up going to Harrison's over the years and the closure of this toilet block has clearly been a problem over the summer with large numbers of Campers still using the site and climbing over the weekend. To demolish it would be folly as people are still going to try and come to Harrison's regardless of whether there are facilities are not and we're all much better off if there is somewhere for people to go to the loo other than in the woods!


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2013-10-21 12:12

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In your opinion, as an experienced and qualified surveyor, what would be the estimated cost of the materials for the repairs using voluntary qulaified labour?



2013-10-21 15:26

For god sake...get this open as soon as possible.! A simple case of neglect has ruined it for many many people. Someone hurry up and buy it as soon as they can and open a decent shop/cafe/info/camping/BAR and with a 40deg training board.! It'll make a sound little buisness.



2013-10-21 15:28

also...olympic legacy !!! This also means sport england pull your fingers out and stop wasting peoples time.



2013-10-22 07:37

A crazy idea. All the eveidence is that outdoor climbing is on the increase and that Sport England are support climbing on this basis. How can it considered that polluting the woods with human excrement is a good idea?



2013-10-22 08:56

It sounds like this is a legal matter, why have sports uk not been made to fulfill their duty?



2013-10-22 10:28

I spent nearly every dry weekend of my teenage years climbing here and camping over. Met hundreds of amazing and inspiring people who have made me who I am today. It would be a massive shame to to lose this facility where people can climb, socialize in the outdoors, learn to be independent and enjoy a beautiful area.



2013-10-22 12:13

Ridiculous to save a couple of quid on an infrastructure which is largely good. These rocks are very popular, and removing the toilets and camping facility is a big backwards step. Spend a further couple of quid relocating the honesty box so visitors can find it and you might actually make it self-funding. It took me three visits before I found the box, and I was looking out for it. IT NEEDS TO BE DIRECTLY AT THE EXIT.



2013-10-22 12:30

Harrison Rocks and it's campsite have been a welcome respite when looking for a relaxing weekend climbing away. With proper management this site could be maintained, and paid for.



2013-10-22 14:13

Two suggestions - a raising barrier to get into the car park - that accepts any size of coin. So everyone has to pay something; with a sign suggesting amount whether walking, climbing or camping.
Composting toilets - very cheap to run; no water needed (large tub of medicated hand gel available); small generator for electricity; campers bring own cooking/washing water.
With proper toilets/water supply someone needs to regularly monitor it - this has not been done in the past so how can we trust it will be done in the future? So make it easier and keep things simple...
chris gibson

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2013-10-22 18:18

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 Thanks for your comment. The thread and petition is all about getting the current facility re opened and Sport England to complete its responsibility under the terms of its lease. Everything else is in the future. lets just get what we have working properly!

Thank you all for your ongoing efforts spreading the word 310 signatures in less than 3 days is pretty amazing! Keep up the good work....



2013-10-22 18:56

This is such a valuable/necessary facility for all climbers who make use of the Southern Sandstone.



2013-10-22 19:29

Let's make this happen!



2013-10-22 21:55

This is a great cause and I really hope it helps to get the facilities working again! I really want to go there overnight for lots of climbing and this would be great to get fixed.



2013-10-23 10:11

Humans have to poo! Removing the toilet does not remove this fact, it just transfers it to the trees and bushes.



2013-10-23 17:24

if we all use the woods, the locals will not be amused, plus, women need to 'go' too, let's respect their dignity.



2013-10-23 20:21

It is common sense that people need toilets....if there are no toilets where do they go?



2013-10-23 21:30

please don't allow this facility to fall into disrepair .



2013-10-23 22:21

Harrison's is a wonderful place and the nearest climbing to London. If there continues to be no toilet block, climbers (and walkers) will resort, I imagine, to using the the surrounding woods when caught short. Groups of children use Harrisons too, so a toilet block is a real necessity.