Stop housing developments - Green Belt, Walton on Thames, Surrey

Stop housing developments - Green Belt, Walton on Thames, Surrey / Announcements / Residents letter to the Inspectorate urgently needed by 23rd June to protect Green Belt etc against Drake Park Village / Comments



2017-06-09 09:09

No to the proposed developement! Our local roads are already a nightmare from 8am in the morning! We will be stuck in complete gridlock if this goes ahead. Dangerous!!!
Drake Parker

#2 Drake Park, We need it now.

2017-10-12 12:57

We need Drake Park.

There are 1500 families on Elmbridge's waiting list for a home with no hope of getting one.

Drake Park would be built on an old gravel pit, which has no public access; it is currently a dump (which is what the locals call it.) It would become a home to 1000 families and include a 70-acre park, a school, a new GP and dentist, play areas, shops, offices, and a pub.

85% of the development would still be green.

Drake Park would also offer 500 much needed affordable homes and the developers would build stair less access to Hersham station so disabled people and young mums could catch a train without going to Walton.

There are a group of NIMBY's who live around Drake Park who have objected to the development, they are worried it may take them 5 minuets extra to get to Waitrose or their cars might get a little dusty when its being built.

They are standing in the way of progress; they are stopping local families having somewhere decent to live.

They say they are trying to protect the green belt or the environment but this is noncence. they are just terrified of change and don’t want to entertain anything that might cause a slight disruption to their comfortable life's. The young people of surrey need homes. We need Drake Park and all the good things that come with it.

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