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2016-06-21 15:24

34 years I lived here and STILL nothing for children. Seems to me Plympton get everything and we in Plymstock are always overlooked. I have lost count of the amount of years there has talk of trying to get us a swimming pool.



2016-06-23 21:00

This would be brilliant for plymstock, I hope this goes ahead.



2016-06-25 12:36

I signed this petition as I have lived in Plymstock for 48 years and have lived with the promise of a pool for 34 years.
We all need to be able to swim and enjoy keeping fit and healthy without the expense of having to join a leisure centre.



2016-06-26 16:38

Would like to see the funds raised over many years put to the use they were intended!



2016-06-27 13:04

Because I have lived in Plmstock for over 40 yrs and despite numerous promises of a pool,it never happened.It,s about time it was built.



2016-06-27 19:37

The people of plymstock have no easy access to a pool without having to take 2-3 buses, we want children to exercise- give them a pool, we want the obese to exercise-give them a pool,we want the elderly to keep fit-give them a pool, they can't afford private gym fees, we don't want to add to pollution by having yo drive for miles to to use a pool. It isn't rocket science, for goodness sake we have been asking for long enough, we are enthusiastic, we want to stay fit & well & reduce the burden on the health service.



2016-06-27 23:31

After a lot of fund raising for Plymstock to have a pool do not want to share with residents of Sherford
Plymstock need their own pool like Plympton



2016-06-28 19:29

We need a swimming pool to keep all us old folk fit and save the nhs money



2016-07-02 07:22

I would very much like a local swimming pool , and I understand there has been a campaign going for years , there is even a fund that has been raised as I understand from local people



2016-07-02 16:25

I believe that Plymstock has always deserved a swimming pool. the closest is Fort Stamford but is limited to swimming time and expensive if not a member.


#11 plymstock swimming pool

2016-07-02 17:15

it`s a scam has been for a long time,some one`s rich now with the money plymstock people have put together for the pool.




2016-07-03 22:01

Because it would be ideal to have a swimming pool in plymstock we are a way from the services in Plymouth and it is hard for some people to travel out . So please re think of people on the outskirts of Plymouth.



2016-07-06 10:26

I was born in 1959 in Plymstock and have made good use of the beaches around our coast. Children do not appear to use the sea as much as we did and many schools have gotten rid of their swimming pools. It is imperative that all children learn to swim for safety and health. Plymstock people have raised a lot of money for a swimming pool to enable all to enjoy. I fear that the money raised will be used to supply Sherford Town with a pool that rightly belongs in Plymstock. If there is to be no pool for Plymstock then the people of Plymstock should be able to decide where their money should go for the benefit of the people who raised it.



2016-07-08 15:42

We need a swimming pool in plymstock.



2016-07-09 11:40

Plymstock has many young people who would benefit greatly from a swimming pool.



2016-07-09 14:13

I have given money towards this project and it must be built as soon as possible.



2016-07-09 15:25

It is about time the money raised for the PLYMSTOCK pool was used to build a PLYMSTOCK pool in PLYMSTOCK



2016-07-09 16:28

Because I have been petitioning and giving money and waiting for a PLYMSTOCK pool for 20 odd years. Not a lookout at Sherford. It is an insult to fob us off with that promise. That is why I have put my name,one again, to a petition. Nothing is ever done for PLYMSTOCK. Council thinks everyone here rich and car drivers able to get to Sherford. Our money was given for PLYMSTOCK pool


#19 Re: PLYMSTOCK pool

2016-07-09 16:34

 Yes PLYMSTOCK is always overlooked. I gave money for a PLYMSTOCK is an insult after all this time to fob us off with Sherford. Isn't Sherford in the South Hams? It definitely is notplymstock

which is what money was given for. We deserve a pool here.we have nothing..









#20 Re:

2016-07-09 16:39

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2016-07-09 18:51

Plymstock has had minimal investment over the years and is in dire need for a local swimming pool.



2016-07-10 17:56

The residents of Plymstock have been trying to get a pool for years and years! Plymstock needs a swimming pool. Swimming is a wonderful way to keep fit.


#23 SRe:

2016-07-12 13:18

#3: -  So true, who on low income / benefits can afford to use Private Leisure Facilities llike Stamford.  It's essential for my health as my conditions preclude other forms of exercise.




2016-07-12 18:32

Have been waiting for this Pool for nearly 40 years. My children were under 5 when I attended my first meeting regarding having a Swimming Pool in the Plymstock area. Nearly 40 years on and we are still waiting.



2016-07-13 15:40

We need a pool in Plymstock not in Sherford. I collected money from the residents of Plymstock who supported the idea of it being In their neighbourhood - please listen and take notice of all the people who have written on this petition.