Hobbycraft To Stock WORBLA - cosplay/crafting

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2016-01-29 14:57



2016-01-29 14:58

I have always wanted to try out Worbla and being one who uses hobby craft all the time it would be a great efficient way to get it.



2016-01-29 15:32

As a cosplayer if hobby craft start stocking worbla it would make using and buying this a lot easier and cheaper as postage and packaging isn't the cheapest as well as the cost of worbla



2016-01-29 16:00

easier access for beginner crafters like myself.



2016-01-29 16:02

Because we need more worbla stockers in the U.K.!



2016-01-29 16:10

I really need local cheap wobla please



2016-01-29 16:56

This would make life so much easier



2016-01-29 16:57

There is a Hobbycraft that is roughly 10 minutes away from me by bus so if the company start selling it in their shops it'll make getting a hold of it so much easier



2016-01-29 17:01

IT would make it so much easier to acquire worbla for cosplay


2016-01-29 17:34

We need more of this stock in the uk



2016-01-29 17:44

Worbla is hard to come across and when you buy online the postage can be hefty


2016-01-29 17:47

I don't think that people signing this petition understand just how much Hobbycraft would charge for worbla if they stocked it. It would likely be in the region of Amazon's prices which are double what some other places charge :/
Worbla isn't difficult to get hold of. Coscraft are the cheapest in the UK, almost always have it in stock and deliver the next day



2016-01-29 18:25

Because it would be beneficial to have worbla available to buy in the UK



2016-01-29 19:19

Never had the opportunity to use WORBLA and I am hesitant to buy any off the internet. Being able to buy some from Hobbycraft would be ideal.



2016-01-29 19:25

Let's get them to stock it!



2016-01-29 19:48

I use hobby craft for most of my crafty things so being able to make more costumes and accessories woukd be very useful



2016-01-29 20:14

because i need worbla in hobbycraft



2016-01-29 20:40

Because I love crafting and I've been dying to get my hands on worbla!



2016-01-29 22:18

It'd save me driving to places like Cardiff, birmingham or London to get it <3



2016-01-30 01:06

To promote creativity and provide more materials to fuel that creatively



2016-01-30 01:08

Hobbycraft is great and has been a big help for cosplayers (including myself and my sister) but we do need things like Worbla because it goes a long way and it costs a fortune to get it shipped out from other places.


#22 Re:

2016-01-30 01:36

#12: Doth'Rah -  

 Coscraft are often out of stock and it would make it more available for people who can't shop online. It's Hobbycraft, we know it won't be as cheap as online. 



2016-01-30 11:46

I have always wanted to cosplay at some of the comic cons and have never been able to find worbla in any of my local stores



2016-01-30 19:34

i really damn need it

#25 Re:

2016-01-30 20:28

#2: -  

 Why not support local businesses and ask smaller craft / art shops to sell it like www.artpothecary.co.uk we support cosplayers and crafters, give free postage and discounts to those who cant afford the full wack for big projects. It's, quite frankly, upsetting to see this petition and watch as another huge, faceless company might take away my livlihood.

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