Save Ebrington Primary School (Gloucestershire)

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2015-12-10 10:59

Ebrington School is a vibrant, lovely school with great teachers and a supportive community providing our children with a super education in a nurturing environment, we don't want them to go anywhere else.



2015-12-10 11:18

This is a wonderful school and needs to remain open.



2015-12-10 13:33

My grandchildren attend the school and are so happy there.



2015-12-10 18:06

Our children had a fantastic education at Ebrington School. If you want to keep a village alive ... Keep the school open.



2015-12-10 18:22

My child goes to this school it's an amazing family feel school with lots of love and warmth . My child has settled in well and really enjoys being apart of this school



2015-12-10 19:34

Live locally and value small schools for their superior educational environment. I myself went to a school which had 12 kids at one point. It was excellent.



2015-12-10 21:28

I believe in community schools. Local schools for local children. There are enough cars in the road as there of my strongest, fondest memories is walking to school and walking home. It's that simple.



2015-12-10 21:33

My children went to this school and had a very enjoyable and educational time there. This school is also a major part of the heart and soul of Ebrington.



2015-12-10 23:28

I went here as a child and the school if fab, small enough for one to one teaching but big enough for the village and surrounding areas!!!!



2015-12-10 23:28

It's the right thing to do, to retain its identity and its independence. 



2015-12-10 23:30

It is vital that we fight to keep our communities and their excellent infrastructures and institutions intact.



2015-12-11 00:28

To save my grandson's school. It is vital that we all fight to keep these small and precious schools open. They are very important for rural community life and for the many advantages for the children. Not all primary age children benefit from big schools.

#13 Great school.

2015-12-11 00:55

This school helps to create well rounded, happy and confident children.


.....It has a sense of pride, and an attitude and sense of personal possession and involvement on the part of students, parents and teachers.

To a great degree, the school is the community center in many small towns and rural areas....-Class size is strongly related to pupil achievement. --Smaller classes are more conducive to improved pupil performance than larger classes. --Smaller classes provide more opportunities to adapt learning programs to individual needs. --Pupils in small classes have more interest in learning. --Teacher morale is higher in smaller classes.



2015-12-11 00:55

I feel very passionate about our wonderful school. I specifically chose Ebrington over my children's catchment school because I wanted my children to be able to develop their confidence within a smaller school. Confident children find it easier to learn and Ebrington provides this. Being a smaller school the children also learn to play with children of all ages and this benefits both the younger year groups as well as the older year groups. Ebrington has a wonderful caring approach and the teachers really get to know and understand the children, you wouldn't get this from a bigger school and we love it!

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2015-12-11 01:46



2015-12-11 10:13

Village schools are the heart of communities & help to stop wonderful places like Ebrington turn into tourist attractions & dormitories only.
It is a wonderful school that has served so many generations well.
Ebrington should be lived in not just looked at!



2015-12-11 13:24

small village schools vital to keep the community together.


2015-12-11 13:52

Ebrington Village Primary School is giving my children an excellent education in a caring, nurturing environment. Children are treated and taught as individuals and progressing well. We love our school and the village community that enhances the children's experience. We have chosen this school for all that it offers and look forward to ensuring it stays open for generations to come. 

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2015-12-11 18:03



2015-12-11 19:50

Because I believe that small local schools in a rural community are the life blood of that community.

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2015-12-11 21:55



2015-12-12 00:49

My children both started their education at ebrington school and gained so much from being at a smaller local, well supported school. Closure of this School would be a huge loss to the local community.

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2015-12-12 01:37

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2015-12-12 01:41

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2015-12-12 01:57