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Geordie mark

#226 Vauxhall get it sorted

2015-10-30 09:24

As I carry children in this car everyday also my wife drive this car to work everyday this problem needs sorted asap before it does take someone's life Vauxhall I hope you pull your fingers out your Arse and get this sorted you've obviously know about issues and just pushed it to one side and hoped for the best but now it's got you so get it sorted



2015-10-30 09:24

I own one and have 6 children, they need to listen to their customers before they lose complete faith



2015-10-30 09:26

I have a zafira b model and have 4 children and I just want to feel safe putting my children in our family car.



2015-10-30 09:26

Because my Vauxhall garage has kept my zafira. Because it is pulling to much voltage but u have been ok to drive around with my two boys in there.



2015-10-30 09:26

I have signed this petition to get all the Vauxhall Zafira B's recalled, we had to return ours yesterday as I could not risk it with my children in, repairs or not the fear would always be there and I couldn't live with myself if my kids got hurt but this knowing full well that I could have done something about it! Goodbye Zafira and hello to another 5 years of repayments :( at least we are safe thou :)



2015-10-30 09:27

Bacause had one zafira go up in flames this time last year , just got me and three kids out .now got a second one because was told it was a one off electrical fault and just want rid of it now .can't go through that again



2015-10-30 09:34

Because I have a zafira with my kids in the car and think it's awful that Vauxhall haven't recalled all cars straight away or would talk to watchdog !!!!!


#233 unsafe in car

2015-10-30 09:35

Please vauxhll get all zafiras sort before someone dies. We have as son with epliespy and needs picking up from school when has a fit which is out off town and not severed by public transport. Many people need there cars and do not want to live in fear can i make my jouney and get home without my car catching fire.



2015-10-30 09:39

They need to do something, im terrified driving around with my children in the car.



2015-10-30 09:40

Cos I'm driving a Zafira B and don't feel safe



2015-10-30 09:50

I have a Vauxhall b vehicle and 3 young children. Vauxhall need to recall and make sure cars are safe for everyone



2015-10-30 09:58

Because we own a zafira b



2015-10-30 09:59

My daughter had a Corsa which set fire on the driveway in the early hours of the morning. It was potentially life threatening as our other car could have set fire and exploded - also the garage door was burnt and fire could have spread to the house/ and neighbours house



2015-10-30 10:01

Because I have a zafira and feel very unsafe in it, vauxhall need to take responsibility and stop fobbing us off with lies!!



2015-10-30 10:05

This is a matter of urgency !! as a childminder, I've always got other peoples children in the Zafira & was purchased for the extra seating spaces, & I know of many childminders that drive this model !!!!



2015-10-30 10:08

I am a owner of a zafira. I use this with my 3 young children so slightly worried of the hazards



2015-10-30 10:30

I have a vauxhall zafira b



2015-10-30 10:32

We have a vauxhall zafira b an i dont feel its safe to put my 3 children in, vauxhall need to sort this asap!!



2015-10-30 10:33

I don't want my car going up in flames whilst my disabled husband is in it, or at any other time!


#245 Re: Re: vauxhall zafira

2015-10-30 10:51

#21: - Re: vauxhall zafira 

 I really hope not :(



2015-10-30 10:53

For Vauxhall to take responsibility for the problems wit their Zafira B and to make each and every car safe.



2015-10-30 10:56

Are they waiting for a life to be lost before they do anything about it?!



2015-10-30 10:59

Think this is shocking Vauxhall will have blood on there hands if someone dies . So many people who's cars have gone up in flames something doesn't seem right !!



2015-10-30 11:01

I have a Vauxhall Zafira B type and have children, I want to know my car is safe



2015-10-30 11:03

I own a zafira and have 4 kids