recall Vauxhall Zafira B

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2015-10-30 00:45

I have a zafira



2015-10-30 00:59

I have a Zafira B and 4 children all in 5 point harnesses. I have seen videos of these cars going up in seconds and am terrified to think how we would all get out in time, especially now after seeing a video earlier where a man and his young child were locked in the car when the locking mechanisms failed. I am disgusted by the lack of response by Vauxhall on the BBC Watchdog programme and I for one will never, ever purchase another Vauxhall branded car again.



2015-10-30 01:08

Own a zafira and am disgusted with vauxhall we should all go an protest at vauxhall head office in luton



2015-10-30 01:11

when putting petrol in takes 5 mins taking kidd with me to pay petrol can't leave them alone in that so scare of the car now they are dealt traps



2015-10-30 01:41

I had a 06 Zafira that caught fire and completely burn out in minutes, thinking that I was just unlucky and really liking the car I bought another one, now I am very concerned.



2015-10-30 01:43

These cars are not save I have my kids in car



2015-10-30 01:43

Vauxhall have to recall the cars before someone's killed. Winters coming people need to use there heaters.



2015-10-30 02:04

Hopefully something done and fast I have 4 kids and scared 2 take them out in car



2015-10-30 02:12

My children are in our Zafira daily..
Isn't that enough of a reason?



2015-10-30 02:30

For the health & safety of families. Vauxhall needs to take action seriously & issue a statement



2015-10-30 02:44

There must be a recall as lives are at risk. The garage workers need correct training to advise us too, as our garage told him opposite information to what is on internet. Something must be done!



2015-10-30 03:29

I use this model of vauxhall to transport my children around.



2015-10-30 05:34

As a driver of one of these cars seeing what's happening to others is a scary reality . Not took my kids it it since. Needs sorting ASAP before someone is seriously hurt.



2015-10-30 06:02

I own such a car and have it fully occupied with 6 children twice per week. I also drive up and down the motorway with my children. Can you imagine the worry of being one adult to get them all out? Should it take a death to recall them - NO!



2015-10-30 06:18

Will you not be happy until someone is killed! !!!



2015-10-30 06:54

I have three kind 1 is disabled 1 is only 2 and sick of Vauxhall flobbing all of us off



2015-10-30 06:54

Because vxhall need to take notice and I believe vosa should be involve as this is a safety issue to all road users if a car goes up in smoke!


2015-10-30 07:15

I have a zafira b I also have 2 sets of twins one at 3.5 yrs old and one who are 7 months old. I refuse to use our car now as there's no way I will be able to unstrap 4 car seats and get all of my children out of the car bearing in mind one is disabled and we carry oxygen!!!!! My vauxhall dealer cannot replace the part yet as it's waiting on stock and tbh even when it is replaced I'm still not using it I have lost all faith in vauxhall now



2015-10-30 07:26

If Vauxhall cares about the future of their company, they need to step up before something tragic happens - blood on their hands will sour their reputation forever, with ALL models not just the Zafira. What's worse is that this is a FAMILY car - do they really want to risk the loss of a child??



2015-10-30 07:27

I am disgusted at the way Vauxhall has handled this case. I used to have faith in them but not any more, I need to sell this car fast!



2015-10-30 07:42

A friends car burst into flames with her husband and children in it and it went up so fast, but more so as i dont want to be reading or seeing on the news that one family or more wasnt so lucky get it sorted vauxhall before you have a death on your hands 



2015-10-30 07:49

Too many people with zafiras have children like myself or disabled children/family members. The way these go up in flames after such a short period of time, people could actually start dying.



2015-10-30 08:04

My wife has a zafira and 2 young children,replaced 3 resistors and Vauxhall has give the car the all clear flaming joke!



2015-10-30 08:20

I am scared my car will be next and I'll have my family in it at the time. Vauxhall are determined to ignore customers and treat us like fools.



2015-10-30 08:26

I am a Zafira B owner with young children. for safety!