Stop Myshall Puppy Farm regaining its licence

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2015-07-16 21:15

I believe in animal rights



2015-07-16 21:31

These people should never be allowed keep pets again, much less run a puppy farm.



2015-07-16 21:31

I have adopted one of the dogs. She's a sweetheart but God knows what she has been through. Terrified especially at feeding time. Massive scar, my vet thought we should wait and see if she needed to be neutered. Of course she did, makes you wonder who did the op to get the pups out!!



2015-07-16 21:42

Hope he gets what he deserves for the treatment 2 the animals & not just a slap on the wrist



2015-07-16 21:47

This place should be bulldozed..the horrific tteatment of animals there was scandalous



2015-07-16 22:12

why in all thats holy would the horrible owners of myshall get another licence,,,please they are cruel humans that have no regard for the care of animals just the money they make from them,,at any cost,,,,please dont renew their licence and ban them for life, thank you



2015-07-16 22:22

I think it's an absolute disgrace that in this day and age that people are still allowed and still do treat animals in this way. No animal deserves this horrendous treatment. It needs to stop now. People need to be punished so this behaviour will stop. It makes me sick to my stomach.



2015-07-16 22:32

I don't like to see animal's being mistreated they feel pain just as much as we do.



2015-07-16 22:32

They should never be allowed have any animals again



2015-07-16 22:36

Why is there even a petition for this?! There should be no puppy farms ever and why is the government going to give back their license? What kind of country do we live in. I'm embarrassed I live in the same country as these people.


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2015-07-16 22:44

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 Thank you for signing.

I saw the articles stating that the court was preparing to hear an appeal for the return of the licence and decided that, whilst I wholly agree with you that there should be no need for this petition, I had to do something. 

The fact that they are even prepared to hear the appeal proves the law most definitely is an Ass.



2015-07-16 22:45

I abhor Puppy Farms. It's a disgustingly cruel way to make money with no regard at all for the animals



2015-07-16 22:46

It's a disgrace that they are being allowed appeal. Where is their €600,000 fine to compensate the ispca and other rescues for bringing their animals back to life?



2015-07-16 22:47

Only in Ireland would this man be allowed to apply for licence to breed dogs. This man has made his money on the back of the suffering of innocent animals. And now he is trying to continue.



2015-07-16 23:12

The condition on myshall Farm were horrific and disgusting!! Stricter laws, higher penalties and more supervision is needed to stop this from happening anywhere!!!



2015-07-16 23:23

Animals have no voice, and as long as I'm alive I'll always speak out for them!!! I'll do any thing for an animal in need



2015-07-16 23:35

Why would you reissue a licence to this puppy farm owner after the state the dogs were found in & some of the poor dogs are still traumatised. Why line his pockets with loads of money and a comfortable bed under his arse when the poor dogs are living in squalor and ill treated, it's preventing this scumbag from ever owning any kind of animal EVER again. Surely whoever is in charge of granting the licence isn't stupid enough to grant it. Wasn't it highlighted on RTE News for everyone to see the filthy dirty kennels for the dogs if you could call them kennels and not all the dogs are re-homed yet. Please DO NOT grant him a licence and NOT put anymore animals suffering at his hands. Every shelter all over the country are full of dogs, these animals do not deserve this kind of treatment they haven't done anything wrong and for what so that he can make a quick few hundred Euros. What an excuse of a human being. I would have him cleaning out dog kennels all over Ireland for the rest of his life under supervision.



2015-07-16 23:40

I signed because i think puppy farms / mills are cruel and barbaric. ' ADOPT DON'T SHOP ' is my motto. A



2015-07-16 23:41

I am sick of animal cruelty not having any consequences in this country. The government and judges should be ashamed. ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS AND FEEL PAIN



2015-07-17 00:27

Puppy farms shouldn't be allowed, however we must stand strong on this and stop this individual regaining a license - who on earth is even considering this ? Where's the justice for those poor animals ? 



2015-07-17 00:30

Because puppy farming needs to stop. Only evil scum run puppy farms. Ireland is a disgrace, in regards to animal welfare. Greed is just so disguisting. All breeding needs to stop. Animals need to be spay/ neutered and should be only available through adoption, from rescues and pounds.



2015-07-17 00:33

Couldn't have lived with myself if I hadn't!



2015-07-17 00:42

It's a bloody Disgrace! They should hang their heads in shame and be behind bars!!!
Despicable human beings.



2015-07-17 00:49

It will be a complete travesty if these (so called) people are allowed to gain a licence again. They should NEVER be allowed to own any animal ever again. They have already proved that they are incapable of treating animals in the manner to which they should be kept.



2015-07-17 00:53

Absolute joke. Those two excuses of human beings should be locked up and throw away the key. TRAMPS! This shouldn't even be a petition, them regaining their licence should NEVER be an option... Well done Ireland! Pack of wankers.