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lisa-marie martin

#76 haters

2011-03-06 17:02

i am not a gypsy but i am marrying one and have a two ur old little gypo and i love them both moor than life wot is it with ppl just cuz they are ppl with a name that makes em bad ppl er no it dont yh u can get the odd nasty one but thats just them take em as they are they have feeling to and are human just like any gorgey they shud be able to live a normal life how wud gorgeys feel if gypsys grouped together to single them out yh turn it round and there nuttin rong wit it as if so haters f**k off

#77 Re: haters

2011-03-06 17:11

#76: lisa-marie martin - haters 

 im not being funny but all my family and mee are romany gypsy's and there is nothing wrong with them tbqh they are the same as everyone else they r al humans sooo people neeed to grow up and get a life becaz we all dont care wot yal think OK!

Patrick Gofre


2011-03-06 18:52

People forget too easely world war II and it's attrocities.
jill gibbon


2011-03-06 21:15

You all have my upmost support. X
Robin Russell


2011-03-06 21:34

If this had been anti semitic hate being promoted it would have been shut down immediately. This needs to stop... NOW
Kirsty Goodman

#81 hate mail

2011-03-06 21:36

I think we should all think about our actions and how we can live in harmony and not incite hatred or tension
barbara hoyland


2011-03-07 04:54

travlers are there own worst enemys like doing the big fat gipsy weddings gordes think we are all the same and no decent traverlers would be on such a program but it is this tipe of thing that puts us all down and you will never change people when idots do shows like  that and half of them are not even traverlers just wide ows gorges what to look at there own race how meany are in prison for rape murder peaderfiles the prisons are over run with them so before thay call us scum and rubish thay want to take a good look at there selfs should we class them all the same l dont think so as we would be as bad as them there is good and bad in all walks of live

minie smith

#83 no place for gipsy/roma/travler hate pages

2011-03-07 20:55

come all of you proer gipsys sighn the petition to help us all
chris brown

#84 petition !

2011-03-07 22:18

do not let them take away the rights of people who descend from one of the oldest travelling cultures in the world. and there should always be a place, in a free society, for people to enjoy the freedom to choose to be a traveller.
Helge Valama

#85 Fight for agaist Hatepages!

2011-03-08 07:45

Its wery important to react on this issue. The hate speak, the hatespeak in the media, or someone else, is dangerous. We have seen it, in Hugary and many other places. Its start the hate, for many people, groups e.t.c

#86 Gypsy Travellers - Respect everyone and speak up for their rights

2011-03-08 12:06

First they came…" is a famous statement attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group. The text of the quotation is usually presented roughly as follows:

First They came... - Pastor Martin Niemoller
First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

joan phillips


2011-03-08 17:06

it needs too stop now to much hate towords us
aby jones 2k11

#88 Re: Gypsy/Roma/Traveller Hate Pages

2011-03-08 23:04

#1: Debbie Pearson - Gypsy/Roma/Traveller Hate Pages well i fink this page is pathetic if gypsys wanna go on facebook let them whats the big deal ? im a gpysy u dnt see me doing en harm n facebook so what is the big deal at the end nof the day we are just people wif a difeerent ethnic back ground to gorja people and plus we have more morals than eny of them so u know leave gypsys alone they dnt do no harm for gods sake !




2011-03-09 01:07

its absolutely terrible the way they were treated on my big fat gypsy wedding to evict them for god sake just leave gypsy's alone im gypsy by blood iv not grown up in the gypsy community im totally against it any hate ect no need ...for it everyone is equal no matter wot colour or background your from and everyone has a different way of living. to me that just racist after all it could be my family ect and i just don't understand why people in this day has to behave that way. they are ignorant racist gits
Connie Floyd

#90 I love my Gypsy friends

2011-03-09 04:33

This is not just a clique, but my best friend is a Gypsy. I've attended their family reunion and has never felt so welcome. Wi th me being black and from the south, I have deep feeling toward prejudice and hatred against all people. Anything I can do to stop this on Facebook, I will be more than happy to do.
Mary Hendry

#91 Roma, Gypsy/ Travellers.

2011-03-09 12:43

All forms of race hate are to be abhorred. Gypsy/ Travellers and Roma communities are particularly easy targets. This kind of vile rant should not be allowed on Facebook and should be taken exactly for what it is. 'Incitement to Racial Hatred'.
Lynne Tammi

#92 Re: Roma, Gypsy/ Travellers.

2011-03-09 12:59

#91: Mary Hendry - Roma, Gypsy/ Travellers.

Agreed, Mary. As you will know, the Council of Europe Advisory Committee  of the FRAMEWORK CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF NATIONAL MINORITIES is visiting the UK at the moment. During their visit to Edinburgh yesterday they were presented with this petition, the signatures to date, media articles and a transcript of the race hate comments made on Facebook.


Thanks to all who have signed the petition, please continue to share with family and friends. The petition will remain open for signing until the end of March.

lynda mcguigan


2011-03-09 15:37

This should not be allowed to go on
rosie smith

#94 no place for gypsy hate pages

2011-03-10 17:17

its wrong and shouldnt be allowed!
Kathrin Schulz


2011-03-10 21:11

Stop dem Hass!!!!!!!
Susan Duval


2011-03-10 21:28

Hope people take notice.


2011-03-10 23:32


Hit the nail on the head there, very well put across.

Ann Kobayashi

#98 Facebook-No Place for Gypsy/Roma/Traveller Hate Pages

2011-03-11 05:12

86 Traveller families at Dale Farm, Billericay, Essex are facing eviction from the land they own, have no identified authorised land to move to and are additionally stressed by the continuous stream of hostility on these pages. Some of the messages constitute incitements to violence against Travellers who already experience discrimination and marginalisation. Facebook needs to act responsibly, freedom of expression does not include the right to demonise an entire ethnic group and suggest ways of eliminating them.
Teresa Winter

#99 us

2011-03-11 16:16

Im a gipsy girl myself and think people should be ashamed at how they treats us!
flora ball

#100 gypsys-travelers

2011-03-11 16:51

everyone has the right to live their life how they want to without recriminations not all gypsys are bad people you get good and bad in all cultures so live and let live .