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2015-03-30 21:05

Because places like this are much needed to save traditional crafts and culture.



2015-03-30 21:05

Cultural heritage must be preserved, lack of funds is no excuse.
Funds can be raised trough awareness, that need advertising via the media, Newspapers, TV, Radio, Social Media etc.



2015-03-30 21:24

I would like to visit this place someday!



2015-03-30 21:24

There need to be more of these historic homesteads for people to see, not fewer.



2015-03-30 21:32

Because history is important for us vikings and people moving to this country for its culture and heritage! Also kids love it.



2015-03-30 21:33

It's Important To Have These Explorations Of Heritage



2015-03-30 21:44

Save culture!!!



2015-03-30 22:16

För att jag älskar Ale Vikingamarknad. Because I love this place. We visit every year!


Fabian Kuiper


2015-03-30 22:27

Because one should be glad that such an unique location is in your town. To educate not only the local youth but their parents alike. I'd wish that this would be able in my home town. To be able to show people how a small homestead looked centuries ago, to show them how our ancestors lived!



2015-03-30 22:40

I signed this petition because the Centre I worked at was closed by penny pinchers. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy - still hurts after 5 years.



2015-03-30 22:50

I have visit and want to keep it .



2015-03-30 23:22

I would love to visit this place.  Lack of funds is no reason to close down a piece of your history.



2015-03-30 23:45

I agree that these people should be allowed to live as they wish.



2015-03-30 23:56

It is so sad to see that politics won't mind living history anymore! It is part of the testament of our ancestors, that we like to understand how they lived and how they died! It is mor than just important that we don't forget having an eye on the past!
Please, don't let such places die!



2015-03-31 02:31

My heritage



2015-03-31 02:56

I believe in the rights of people who want to express their beliefs and to live in the ways that they see fit. The current state of society is horrible and if someone feels the need to revert back to the old ways to try a different approach, then LET THEM DO IT!!!
Tina Pippi


2015-03-31 03:03

I signed the petition because I believe in the cause! The viking period is a very important part of the nordic herritage, and yet the general public still know surpricingly little about it. Places like Ale Vikinghomestead have a unique ability to teach the young generations, not only about their ancestors and herritage (and through that also who they are and why life in the north today is the way it is), but also to give them a feeling of how it was to live in a time, where if you wanted milk you had to milk a cow, and if you needed new clothes you had to spin the wool, and basically make everything from scratch. Further more not everyone is suited for learning through the usual school methods, and here places like Ale Vikinghomestead are perfect, because of the hands on way of learning! We need places like Ale Vikinghomestead!



2015-03-31 03:28

I love to see this type of history, made open to the public,living villages, really cool to visit.



2015-03-31 03:41

I am from nordic descent, and following a lot of these "new age" fundamentals, we realize that most of these principles bring us back to our past, our pagan path. I live in Boston and we still have an old settlement called "Plymouth plantation" in plymouth MA and its a state icon and shows us all where our ancestors came from and there struggles- we must do the same with our pagan path. Thank you
Sven Odin-Eye


2015-03-31 03:57

I strongly believe in the type of Historical Life portrayed by real people in such historically accurate buildings and grounds. Any social perspective such as this allows one to better understand the many facets of today’s society.



2015-03-31 04:42

I believe in living history,and the need for people to have the opportunity to see and feel history come alive.



2015-03-31 05:33

It's an important part of my heratige.

#23 to protect Sweden's culture/heritage

2015-03-31 06:23

I moved to Sweden almost 20 years ago.  I feel it is important in this day and age for countries to protect their culture and heritage.  So many places are changing or almost eliminating their own heritage for others......I don't want to see that happen here.



2015-03-31 06:24

Vikingabyar är en del av Svenskt kulturarv.



2015-03-31 06:24

I signed it because, I think Ale Vikinghomestead is a good concept.

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