Save Dog Shows and Docked Breeds In Northern Ireland

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#1 dockin

2011-01-11 20:30

i had for many years worked springer spaniels for hunting and i have seen the terrible damage that can happen to dogs tails ,,
Drew Goodall,Bellevue Dobermans

#2 The Fighting Irish

2011-01-11 20:31

The ill advised MLAs here in the north of Ireland that support this act will have a fight on there hands,Its hard to believe that 5 out of 6 MLAs on this committee think they can change the face of our own breeds and the way we show them,Elections are not far away in Northern Ireland and we will all remember who was with us and who wasn't,Roy Beggs UUP to name just one
kevin cunningham


2011-01-11 20:50

Please save are dog shows as for some pepole out there that dont have a life we do so sorry but its what we enjoy to bring are pups up to show and meet new friends please save are heritage for years to come
Arthur Butters

#4 Think Twice

2011-01-11 21:29

You should look at the numbers of damaged tails before taking this action any further. As long as the docking is done correctly there is very little pain involved and you do much more dreadful things to the farm animals. Leave our hobby and animals alone and find more important things to spend your time on rather than being dictated to by the few.
Debbie Theaker

#5 Docking of Tails

2011-01-11 21:34

I would have thought there would have been much more important matters to discuss than the docking of tails. The number of damaged tails that are reported and are quite high. Surely this causes pain to an animal which would never be necessary if the tail is docked. I always feel we are being tsken over by too many do-gooders who have not any idea what they are talking about but feel they need to make a name for themselves.
Carol Boyd

#6 Don't ban tail docking

2011-01-11 22:09

Tail docking is NOT PAINFUL if properly done by an experienced person and is done both to honour the breed standards of traditionally docked breeds and to prevent tail damage in later life. Most puppies are docked in the same way as lambs and piglets by the application of an elastic band and the puppy goes straight back to feeding from its mother. We love our dogs and would not dream of doing anything harmful to them. Dedicated breeders who maintain and improve the breeds they love do not deserve to be penalised. Not one dog club was consulted when this bill was proposed. The ban on tail docking in England, Scotland and Wales has been disastrous for the breeds affected, with numbers falling to an all time low, and puppy buyers travelling to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to buy docked puppies. All we want is the right to continue a practice which has been carried out since Man first started to create dog breeds.
Liz Dunhill

#7 Support of docking

2011-01-11 22:31

I wish u luck on your endeavors , we lost our battle on tail docking I'n the uk ! And although I am now used to tails on my Rottweilers and Scwt , I have missed exhibiting at shows due to tail damage and water tail / staid tail syndrome ! Although the damage is only bruising and tempory , it means my dog Is I'n pain and discomfort ! If docking had been allowed my Rottweilers would never have to suffer the pain over and over again , as this will happen to them over the years . I have a bracco Italiano which I show and work with a full tail so I will keep u posted ! Our working cockers are legally docked , we have vast experience of seeing un docked
Working Springer spaniels with damaged full tails ! Not a pretty sight!
So although I am ok with full tails I'n show dogs , I would prefer to dock! Working dogs should always be docked !!!
But if sth Ireland is to be fully fledged fci. Most of their member countries have a docking ban ? So where does that leave them !!
James Boyd

#8 Don't ban tail docking

2011-01-11 22:38

The economic fallout alone if tail docking is banned should cause our politicians to think twice. Are they also not aware that this is a great cross-community hobby which attracts people of all faiths who come together to compete with their dogs. No one cares what church you go to or what your politics are. We all have one common interest, our DOGS.
Sue Holmes

#9 Showing Dogs

2011-01-11 22:40

I have been Showing dogs, docked and undocked for 52 years. I have seen more dogs suffer from non-docking in the working field than docked dogs. Time more people concentrated on what is important in a dogs life and not blowing up their own importance.
Una Rigney

#10 Northern Ireland Dog Shows

2011-01-11 22:49

From Dublin I travelled to Dog Shows in N.I. all through the troubled years, because Dog People stand together. I was always made to feel most welcome showing my Kerry Blue Terriers (docked breed) Now in relative peacful times the door is being slammed shut, not wanted anymore.
Joan Duffus


2011-01-11 23:42

We know what to do when these MLA's come looking for our votes in May. Think there are more important things they should be worrying about!

Angela McNally

#12 save our docked breeds

2011-01-12 00:42

This petition is not only to save our dog shows but also to save our lovely docked breeds without which dog shows would never be the same again in Northern Ireland.
barbara evans


2011-01-12 00:54

for everyones sake could the fools in suits try and get this right
Maggi Bryant

#14 Maggi Bryant

2011-01-12 02:39

Coming to the N Ireland shows has been part of my Dog Showing season for years, it is not cheap for exhibitors to come from the UK but always good fun and worth the effort. Why is it not possible for Northern Ireland be in tune with the South of Ireland and the UK with legislation? Do they not think genuine breeders care about their reapective breeds? Why is everyone so against the dog loving fraternity?

#15 Re: Don't ban tail docking

2011-01-12 03:13

#6: Carol Boyd - Don't ban tail docking 

 i think they should leve it up to the breeders what to do with their dogs i have 2 rotties with docked tails i would never have one with a tail not right i will go to ireland for a dock dog thanks f brockett

samantha o\'Connell

#16 why should every dog be punished

2011-01-12 03:50

If a docking ban had to come in why should every dog be banned,.
The MLA's should discuss this matter further and before the bill/amendment is past they should say that all dogs docked after the date of that meeting ( 18 jan 2011 ) or the day the bill is actually going to be past. After this date only should their rule state that the dog should therefore not be docked. This will still allow exisitng docked dogs to be shown and the all Breed Championship and Breed Championship will still be able to run. As an total ban will ensure the loss of all shows in N Ireland as the entries will be to low and the shows will therefore run at a loss.
Please a little bit of common sense is required here. It worked in the UK so why would it not be allowed to work in N Ireland if done currently.
All us dog show people beg you to reconsider what you are doing and STOP, THINK and DISCUSS again.
john huston

#17 docked dogs

2011-01-12 12:48

i agree with the law thats in force in the rest of the uk in that only dogs docked before 2010 can be exhibited at dog shows.
why has n.i. always to be different from all other countries our mla's don't know the show world so why tell us what to do they should check their facts before they open their silly mouths
Geoff Corish

#18 Just one more nail.

2011-01-12 15:32

Once again the dog world is being hit by stupid legislation by people who have no understanding of dogs and shows. Those who were docked before the DEFRA ban are being excluded even though they conform to the law.
These people should be looking at the real problems makers-the puppy farmers. They do untold damage and seem to get away with it each whilst we in the show fraternity are constantly targeted.Enough is enough.
We should all sign this petition.
Nigel Harris

#19 docked breeds

2011-01-12 16:45

why do people try to regulate everything, ive owned docked and natural dobermans in tne past and present, i thought we lived in a free world, if doberman owners, breeders didnt want to dock dogs they wouldnt, the whole point is tradition,thats how they were breed and thats how we like them ,,,,,,,theres a lot more for the MPs of the world to think about why dont ther just keep the noses out of something they have no interest or understanding of
Amanda Marrow

#20 Docked dogs

2011-01-12 17:40

This change would be totally in conflict with trying to ensure that dogs are fit for purpose which is being bandied about no end in the UK. This would totally exclude a dog that is a winning show dog but who also works at home as it could not compete in its breed class because it had a docked tail for working at home. I though this was the point, that the dog with obviously the best confirmation but also a dog that can and does work. If it causes no distress to a working dog why would it stress any other dog.
Carolyn Ashe

#21 all doggies people..

2011-01-12 18:35

more madness, please sign, I have.
martin sanders

#22 martin sanders life time dog man !

2011-01-12 18:37

congratulations to des and joyce hope
your efforts are not in vain
good luck !
Claire Kay

#23 Dont ban, but if you do dont make a shambles of it

2011-01-12 19:32

If the powers that be in England had said you can keep docking but we will ban the removal of few claws, at least I could have understood it. It has to be admitted that the pups do feel the dew claws but it is considered a necessary evil as the pain endured and incessant bleeding by dogs tearing the dew claws is potentially a lot worse, BUT the docking or banding of pups tails is not cruel and when done correctly does not cause pain to the puppy. The best scenario would have always been to licence the very best and most expereiced breeders to painlessly dock on behalf of the population of breeders of docked breeds, but that would have been too sensible.
If a ban is inevitable PLEASE do not make the same dogs breakfast of bringing in the law as the English did. In Wales you can show a legally docked dog at all shows, the same in Scotland, but in England you can only show a legally docked dog at shows without a paying gate. My question this the government and anyone else who thinks this is right is, " If the docking ban was brough in on the basis of cruelty then is it onbly crual when the public are chaged to get in! " what an unjust shambles dont follow suit
rebekah shields


2011-01-12 19:48

For every person who shows a dog there are many more friends and family behind them ,the MLA,s should remember this ,I will only vote for a party who has supported our cause so when they come around looking for votes to keep them in office i will remember all those names who voted for this ban
maria adams

#25 Dont ban!!

2011-01-12 21:24

I had a docked boxer for 9 years n i would never do anything to harm her, sadly she pasted 2years ago, i would love another boxer but would never buy a docked breed with a tail. The breeder i bought her from has now stoped breeding boxers as she cant sell them with tails. Never the less we are now getting a doberman from NI nx week, docked ofc and i cant wait, so plz stop this ban!!