Save Wardleworth Community Centre

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Nasir Hussain

#1 Wardleworth Community Centre

2010-12-09 17:15

WWCa has over the years become a hub for the local community of wardleworth. The various services being provided range from youth activities through to signposting and delivering of local services means local people have easy access to range of services which best meet their needs. If funding is withdrawn it would result in people feeling isolated, unaware of other matching services and most importantly will take away the feel of localised services.
Rufia Islam


2010-12-09 23:19

Please save our centre. Show your support and inform all your family and friends to support this fight to save our centre.
Majed Iqbal

#3 Profit before people

2010-12-10 11:23

It is surprising to see that the Government bails out banks verging on collapse with its bankers profiterring now in the millions but cant fund commnunity centres which offer rich services to the local community!

Shameless! Profit before people!