Save Wardleworth Community Centre

As all of you are aware, we are living in hard times. These are reflected in the news everyday and all around us many people are loosing their jobs due to cost savings. Our council is also facing the same hard choices and are cutting funding everywhere. Rochdale Council has proposed that they are going to cut funding to all the community centres by a quarter and have marked a few centres for a full withdrawal of funding. Amongst the centres marked for full withdrawal of funding is Wardleworth Community Centre.

Wardleworth Community Centre has been serving the local community for over 25 years.

Quite a few figures in the community were, themselves attending the centre in their early youths. Many have worked at the centre on a voluntary basis. We even pulled through a very difficult time when the centre had staffing issues. Everyone polled together to keep the centre going.

The Wardleworth Community Centre has been serving the members of the local community with essential services such as: The Citizens Advice Bureau Surgery, Welfare Benefits Surgery, Councillors Surgery, Health related Open Days, Gentle Exercise Sessions, Ladies Arabic Classes, Sewing Classes, Badminton,  Boccia (a gentle ball game), IT drop-in sessions for men & women separately, Youths sports club, Youths club, Girls sports sessions, Afro-Caribbean music- rhythm & dance, Guitar lessons, much, much more planned for the new year!

Wardleworth Community Centre is also the Hamer & Wardleworth Adult Day Care too.

If the centre is forced to close due to total withdrawal of all of its funding, where will all the users go?

We desperately need your support if you:

Feel that there is a need for the centre,

Feel that the centre is a part of you and the community,

Believe that the centre represents the struggles & success of the local community,

See the centre as a part of Wardleworth history

Then, please, please, please sign this petition and ask your friends and family to sign too. We are proposing to fight for keeping the centre open, but we don't intend to fight with stones & sticks! No, our ammunition will be the united community voice through our petition!

We all understand that our council needs to save money, but all we ask is that they consider funding us inline with all the other centres and not a full withdrawal.

So please join forces, let's get together and save a piece of our heritage, our pride, our future.

Please forward this to all your friends & family.

Abdus Salam on behalf of WCCA    Contact the author of the petition