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Kris Thomson
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2014-07-22 08:04

I wake up at 3:30 most mornings with their squawking and my Windows are constantly caked in their droppings..... Enough



2014-07-22 12:09

This has being going on far to long without any action from the council ,it has become a health hazard to leave your house its got to stop



2014-07-22 12:22

Can't clean gutters in fear of being attacked. Have them on my roof dropping stones and water on myself and family if we go to sit outside. Droppings over my clean washing and that is just some of the trouble they have caused.



2014-07-22 14:18

It's about time someone done something about these pests. Living in Greenrigg we unfortunately suffer the most with them building their nests on our roofs. For years now and with it getting worse these seagulls return every year along with previous year offspring to mate again building in numbers. The distruction they cause can only be described as unsanitary and dangerous! Swooping on people, animals and kids! Toileting on freshly washed hung out clothes, garden furniture, kids toys! Not to metion the noise that comes from these birds in the early hours of the morning and all throughout the day! My little girl is 5 now but used to be woken as a baby with all the racket. I have spoken to the council numerous times and even resorted to getting the nests removed before any eggs where laid in the hope we would cut the numbers back. I counted 13 chics on our roof one year! Something has to be done!



2014-07-22 14:48

Seagulls are a menace in Cumbernauld



2014-07-22 14:52

Those seagulls are a total pest always attacking my dog and squawking at all hours.


#7 Seagulls in Carbrain

2014-07-22 20:05

My parents live in Glenacre Rd and are unable to have a barbecue without the threat of large seagulls swooping down and stealing food. It's unbelievable that a so called 'recycling centre' has been allowed to be created so close to residential areas. Anything goes at this tip, it seems and it certainly isn't being controlled. This has encouraged the infestation of seagulls in the area. Along with the seagulls also comes the flies and the smell which is horrific. Especially when rubbish is being burned. The council needs to take action immediately!



2014-07-22 21:46

Dows is the reason for these pests



2014-07-22 21:58

I have worked in the recycling center. Hundreds of gulls, having to spray every day for flies to keep SEPA happy and rats and stray cats feeding off the rubbish. It's disgusting and too close to homes.



2014-07-22 22:32

NLC get the finger out!!!



2014-07-22 22:49

These birds need to be removed/prevented from nesting. They're filthy, noisy and dangerous.



2014-07-22 23:16

year on year the Seagull problem has got progressively worse in the Carbrain area, getting so bad now that people are losing sleep due to the incessant noise over a period of weeks and are walking the streets expecting to be dive bombed by a raging seagull at any moment. It's ridiculous and the cynical amongst us might think it wouldn't be allowed to continue in certain other areas of the town.


#13 Re:

2014-07-22 23:26

#12: -

Well said. Certainly wouldn't be happening in other areas of the town OR indeed anywhere in other towns. The recycling center is a private business, which is permitted to operate in our area by our council. I wonder what kickbacks local counselors received to enable a facility of that magnitude so close to any residential area.

From the docs the msp furnished Claire with it should be 250 meters from the nearest home..... It's 125 meters from the millcroft/Greenrigg Flats. How was that allowed!?



2014-07-22 23:39

lack of sleep caused by tge racket.these vermin.make is exhausting.



2014-07-22 23:41

I cannot let our daughter, who is 22 months old out to play in our garden freely without worry that she is going to get swooped at or get covered in bird poo! They are vicious and swoop for us if we are so much as walking along the street!! They make a complete racket all through the night and early morning and it affects our sleep constantly. There is bird poo everywhere including any toys we have in the garden, our car and my clean washing, which I have to risk putting out to dry in hope that it doesn't get it this time!!! It's ridiculous and I am more than certain something can be done about this. It has been left to go on far too long now and everyone in our area feels the same about this situation.



2014-07-23 00:04

My partner and I bought our house 5 years ago and the seagull infestation has escalated each year. I have lost count of the amount of times myself, my partner or my young son have been swooped at by these flying vermin. They have attacked children in the street because their young have left the nest to learn how to fly. They have destroyed various garden furniture and our cars paintwork with their excrement. I have even had one of the young gulls in my house for a wonder when I left the door open last summer. The noise is continuous. They never sleep and swarm the area when a dog or cat passes by. It's about time something is done about them. Liz MacPhail



2014-07-23 00:14

They are flying vermin cant get a decent nights sleep and mess on our car house windows and garden are disgusting !!



2014-07-23 00:17

I've got a 20 month old daughter who can't even get to play in garden without being swooped on, need to get up through the night to let baby gulls out the garden as they can't fly and are constantly squeaking, something needs to be done so that this is the final year off sleepless nights due to these filthy creatures



2014-07-23 00:38

I hate the seagulls one day cupple of weeks ago me and my two kids where sitting in my mums garden when 3 of them swooped down and grabbed my sons(he is only 1 1/2 years old) sandwitch out his hand and now he is scared of birds !!



2014-07-23 00:39

Get rid of them all

#21 Seagulls

2014-07-23 00:39

Get rid of them all the are just pests !!



2014-07-23 01:45

It's about time the council got there fingers out and got rid of this problem which has got worse since the council gave Dow's planning permission for their so called recycling plant (less than 300 yds away from a chip shop, Chinese and Indian takeaways and an Indian restaurant) an abundance of food for the seagulls and you only need to stand on the railway platform for 5 mins and you can count the rats as well.



2014-07-23 02:03

Shot them



2014-07-23 07:11

The amount of birds in this and surrounding areas, is out of control. The bird mess is destroying cars, which are parked close by for work.

#25 birds

2014-07-23 08:04

these seagulls are becoming more and more territorial hence the reason they come back every year to breed,i live in greenrigg rd and yesterday there must hav been about 100 circling the roofs,they sit on cars scratching them with their beaks,they swoop on people walking their dogs and if there is a chick on the ground they attack anyone or anything tht is close by, one swooped on my 5yr granddaughter and just missed her head..coucil get your act together we pay council tax to you so put some of it too good use and get this sorted NOW