Make sheppey bridge safe to cross

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2014-07-01 20:02

Get average speed cameras on and off and 50mph speed limit and lighting for night time



2014-07-01 20:04

think we also need to get the signs on the bridge like you see on other motorways ect it will warn other drivers of accidents, break downs ect



2014-07-01 20:10

bridge needs to be made safe.



2014-07-01 20:14

Please sign and make this bridge safe


2014-07-01 20:16

Its not the bridge at fault, it's bloody drivers - seen countless ones on mobile phones! Pulling out in front of people in the outside lane no people pass their tests is beyond me!



2014-07-01 20:18

What has happened today is tragic and could have been avoided. A camera both ends will reduce speeding and dangerous driving. A Mother and her 8 year old son have died. If her darling 6 year old makes it in hospital he will grow up without a mum and the loss of a big brother. Please don't let their deaths be in vain.



2014-07-01 20:20

It needs lighting and cameras to make it safer for people to use.



2014-07-01 20:21

Get average speed cameras on and off and 50mph speed limit and lighting for night time. I think we also need to get the signs on the bridge like you see on other motorways ect it will warn other drivers of accidents, break downs etc....



2014-07-01 20:24

2 too many innocent lives lost something must be done



2014-07-01 20:25

Put speed cameras on the bridge to slow people down. This accident might have been caused by speed but if people didn't drive as fast then it would at least give people a chance



2014-07-01 20:28

There should also be hard shoulder in case of break downs as well as speed cameras and lower speed limit. Good luck with this petition really hope that something gets done and people actually sit up and listen to what islanders and others have to say.



2014-07-01 20:28

Please hurry for the safety of others.



2014-07-01 20:30

Something must be done. Personally I would re mark the road back to one lane on and off, and impose a 50mph speed limit along the entire length of the A249. Before the crossing single lanes didn't cause hold ups, only the bridge going up.



2014-07-01 20:31

No one should lose there life before things get done and made safer and today a mum and son lose there life leaving a little 6 year old boy to deal with loss his mum and brother so so sad nothing we do can change that but if nothing else things now need changing or bridge should get shut .



2014-07-01 20:35

The need for speed cameras and lighting



2014-07-01 20:36

This isn't down to those that have recently passed their tests and it wasn't down to lighting or poor weather conditions. This was a tragic incident that has left people dead. Speeding will be the possible reason for what has happened and maybe the distractions that modern life has (mobile phones)The bridge is safe its those that use it in an unsafe way that makes it a hazard for others. The main thing is if you don't like it don't use it. There is a perfectly decent other road on and off the island if you're worried.



2014-07-01 20:36

it needs to have a 40mph.over the bridge to save lives.



2014-07-01 20:36

This is a very sad time for all the family somethink dose need to be done



2014-07-01 20:37

This is one of the worst roads in Kent, not just the bridge although that is bad enough but so is the rest of the road.Had someone crash in to the back of me in near stationary traffic, she was driving at around 70mph and never saw the traffic jam ahead of her or the break lights! Even though it was a fairly dark morning!

Never even checked to see if was ok and never even apologised! Her mother even had the cheek to cliam she had whiplash lol, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE  A DISGRACE AND NEXT TIME WILL PROBABLY KILL SOMEONE,



2014-07-01 20:40

Please put some sort of speed restrictions in place on this bridge, you can't bring back the two lives that were lost today but stop other tragedies happening.



2014-07-01 20:41

This bridge needs to be kept safe be it cameras or a lowered speed limit. People are driving at crazy speeds and it puts lives at danger



2014-07-01 20:43

Make it safe!!! I will be using king ferry bridge from now on until then!



2014-07-01 20:45

Make a speed limit of 50 and put speed camera on that stretch of road. What really get me is no one learn from these terrible accident !!!!! For a example ( and no it nothing to do with the bridge ) but walking down new road sheerness tonight and saw a car doing at least 50



2014-07-01 20:46

why is it only after a tragedy you look at sorting issues that have been around from the start..



2014-07-01 20:48

Please don't let any more tragedy happen how many accidents have to have before something is done!!