Rhode Island Introduces Statewide BSL Measure BSL IS BULLSHIT

Rhode Island Introduces Statewide BSL Measure
(Thursday, February 07, 2013)

Two bills have been introduced in Rhode Island that would  regulate all “pit bulls” (or dogs believed to be “pit bulls”) and impose  numerous requirements on the owners. The  bill would also require every kennel, veterinary office, and commercial  breeder, among others, to post a sign notifying people of the new law and  providing contact information for someone to report a dog owner who is not in  compliance.

AKC strongly encourages Rhode Island residents to contact the committees where  these bills have been assigned and ask them to oppose these measures.


H  5287 and S  178 would regulate all “pit bulls” in the state. “Pit bull” is defined as any dog that  substantially conforms to the American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire  Bull Terrier, or American Pit Bull Terrier standards. Testimony by a veterinarian, zoologist,  animal behaviorist, or animal control officer that states the dog has these  physical characteristics creates the rebuttable presumption that the dog is in  fact a “pit bull”.

The bills also contain “legislative findings” that in part  state that these breeds were developed for the purpose of fighting and that  breeders have “selected and maximized” certain traits, including an “unusually  aggressive temperament towards human beings and animals” and “an extraordinary  directness in their method of attack that does not include common warning signs  such as barking or growling.”

Those who own dogs that meet the definition of “pit bull”  must always keep the dog securely confined indoors, in a locked pen, or  muzzled. Exceptions are made for when  dogs are participating in dog shows or hunting.

Among other requirements, all veterinary offices, kennels,  commercial breeders, commercial animal establishments, pet shops, and dog  groomers must post a sign highlighting the pit bull law and local animal  control contact information to report anyone who is not abiding by these laws. A kennel is defined in law as any  establishment where dogs are kept that are not owned by the kennel owner.

The American Kennel Club strongly opposes any legislation  that determines a dog to be "dangerous" based on specific breeds or  phenotypic classes of dogs. We support laws that: establish a fair process by  which specific dogs are identified as "dangerous" based on stated,  measureable actions; impose appropriate penalties on irresponsible owners; and  establish a well-defined method for dealing with dogs proven to be dangerous.

Talking Points:

Read AKC talking points on breed-specific legislation
Read AKC Issue Analysis "Why Breed-Specific Legislation  Doesn't Work"
View a sample letter that you can personalize: Word | PDF | Text

What You Can Do:

AKC strongly opposes these bills and encourages Rhode Island  residents to contact the members of the House  Committee on Judiciary and Senate  Committee on Environment and Agriculture and ask them to not allow these  bills to advance (click on the links to access contact information).

AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor these bills and provide more  information as it becomes available. For  questions or more information, contact AKC Government Relations at (919)  816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.


These BREEDS as what every one keeps calling them do you not under stand they are not JUST BREEDS they are, are FAMILY, KIDS, FRIENDS,

Heres a thought for everyone we have pitbulls and other dogs at there homes In there yard being shot for no reason by the law ( ? Why Is It only cause they are pitbulls or dogs that look like pitbulls that have a right to live happy lives weather they are a pitbull or a dog that looks like a pit I just read a story about a pitbull that was shot In the face standing In her own yard by the law that walked Into her drive way and shot her again why was It cause she Is a pitbull BSL Is the most BULL SHIT LAW EVER

Here the thing there are pedophiles that live near are homes with are kids and what are you doing about them nothing cause its ok for them to be there In the eyes of the law douchebags asshols I must say the law Is supossed to be there to protect and not let any thing happen to are kids which they are not by allowing these kids live near these people

BSL BULL SHIT LEGISLATION whats next all big breed dogs just cause they have assholes who raise them Its NOT BAN THE BREED ITS BAN THE DEED thes poor animals did not ask to be raised this way It should be the people that are raising them to fight and be mean not be able to own them again In there life time not kill the BREED cause of what there onwers have done or ban the BREED casue of them

Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is a law that bans OR restricts certain types of dogs based on their appearance, usually because they are perceived as “dangerous” breeds or types of dogs. ( ? And what If there not “dangerous” breeds or types of dogs no matter what kind of breed they are would you still BSL them cause of how they look )

“Breed specific” is something of a misnomer. Some breed specific laws don’t target specific breeds, but rather, a loosely defined class of dogs (e.g. “pit bull” or “shepherd”). Almost all BSL also includes a “substantially similar” clause: “or any dog with an appearance or physical characteristics that are substantially similar to the aforementioned breeds.” In other words, targeted dogs are often subject to BSL not because they are in fact a specific breed, but because they simply look similar to a particular breed or have a general physical appearance that someone might consider “targeted breed-like.” ( MOSTLY THE PITBULL BREED WHICH IS BSL BULLSHIT AND EVERY ONE KNOWS IT )

BSL is sometimes known by another acronym: BDL, or breed discriminatory law.

Breed-specific legislation applies only to dogs of a certain appearance, not to any and all dogs. It does not take into account how the owner has raised, trained, or managed the dog. It does not take into account the dog’s actual behavior.

Breed-specific restrictions may require an owner of a targeted breed do any of the following or more, depending on how the law is written:
■Muzzle the dog in public
■Spay or neuter the dog
■Contain the dog in a kennel with specific requirements (6′ chain link walls, lid, concrete floors, etc.)
■Keep the dog on a leash of specific length or material
■Purchase liability insurance of a certain amount
■Place “vicious dog” signs on the outside of the residence where the dog lives
■Make the dog wear a “vicious dog” tag or other identifying marke

A breed ban usually requires that all dogs of a certain appearance (“targeted breed”) be removed from the municipality wherein the ban has been implemented. After the effective date of the ban, dogs in the municipality that are identified as targeted breeds are usually subject to being killed by animal control, though in some cases, such dogs may be saved if relocation is an option. Breed bans may have grandfather clauses that allow dogs of targeted breeds to stay in the ban area (provided they are registered with the municipality by a certain date, and likely subject to various breed-specific restrictions).

BSL places unreasonable burdens on responsible dog owners, tears families apart, and kills innocent dogs WHY IS THAT IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND

BSL doesn’t address owner actions that create dangerous situations and why Is that, that Is bullshit there should be actions on the owner of the animal If the onwer Is putting the animal out there to make It a dangerous situations I could under stand If the onwer was not home and the dog was protecting Its home but that does not mean that the DOG SHOULD HAVE TO PAY WITH ITS LIFE IF IT IS ONLY DOING WHAT IT THINKS IT SHOULD BE DOING WHICH IT PROTECTING ITS HOME ( ? SO YOUR TELLING EVERY ONE THAT EVEN IF A CHIHUAHUA BITES CASUE HE OR SHE IS PROTECTING THERE HOME YOUR GUNNA PUT THEM DOWN ALL CAUSE OF BSL ARE YOU KIDDING ME

In effect, breed-specific legislation says that a dog’s behavior is dictated by its appearance, and therefore an owner’s treatment of the dog has no effect on the dog’s behavior at all. BSL subtly suggests that dog owners do not need to train, socialize, or properly manage their dog; that as long as the dog looks “safe,” the owner may do as he or she pleases, and if the dog looks “dangerous,” there’s nothing the owner can do to make it “safe.” Of course, this goes against everything we know about canine behavior. ( ? ok so the onwer can do as he or she pleases as long as the dog looks safe but thats not true any dog can look safe but be mean at the same time but that only If the dog looks dangerous they are saying theres nothing the onwer can do to make It safe well I say bullshit cause there Is something the onwer can do,

1 putting It In a kennel before someone comes Into your home

2 putting It In another room that no one Is gunna go Into

3 putting it outside In a kennel or fenced in yard as long as you know that no one Is going to go out side


Well I find BSL to be BULLSHIT cause there are ways around everything they are only showing what they want In how breeds are mean and not the part that they should be showing how they are good as well If I had a pitbull I would fight my ass off to keep my FAMILY, CHILD, FRIEND to make sure that nothing ever happened to him or her cause of BSL which Is BULL SHIT LEGISLATION



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