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Boris Johnson for prime minister

Get Boris to where he always want to be  Kick Teresa may out

Created: 2016-09-07 Statistics

Signature Campaign to Release Political Prisoners in Bhutan.

To, His Majesty The King of Bhutan Tashichhodzong, Thimphu Kingdom of Bhutan   Sub: Appeal to Release Political Prisoners.   Your Majesty, With due respect we the following justice loving global citizens would like to put forward our most sincere request for your kind consideration. Following the dawn of democratic government and constitutional monarchy, we have a great expectation that our brothers and sisters who were arrested on political grounds who are serving prison sentences in various pr

Created: 2019-11-23 Statistics

Put the trampoline up again

My mum doesn’t want to put the trampoline up again.

Created: 2019-08-28 Statistics

Save the Glacier - No to luxury ice cubes (2019)

Someone wants to chop up Norways 2. laregst Glacier, distribuit with helicopters and trucks, and sendt it out in the world to bars and hotels.  How in the world is this enviroment friendly?    Please sign the petition, to show your love and support! Also making a statement that this is not OK or sustainable use of our resources!  

Created: 2019-02-26 Statistics

Opening the shop in Sierra Golf

We would like to have the shop in Calle Mazaron open. As we are with so many residence here we think that it would be a must. At the moment we do drive at least 5 kilometer to do any shopping at all. If we calculate this by 365 days a year, we drive 1825 kilometers. Thefore we start this petition. Anyone whom agrees with us please sign this petition, so we can convince Urmosa that we need the shop.

Created: 2019-02-11 Statistics

The Future of University College Roosevelt: A Response to the Reorientation Plan

If you are in support of the thoughts and sentiments expressed in the document, “The Future of University College Roosevelt: A Response to the Reorientation Plan”, please sign the petition and (if you wish) leave your comment and credentials as a sign of solidarity.

Created: 2019-05-03 Statistics

More rooms need to be available for BA Film students.

The BA Film students are struggling to find space to rehearse and audition with actors for their films. This is a crucial part of our pre-production and we want it to be taken seriously. Between all three years, the rooms are booked up quickly and there is not enough space. Please sign this petition so that we can make these projects the best they can be! 

Created: 2019-02-28 Statistics

For safety of our Children and Schools

This petition is in aid of the safety for Families with young Children within theses areas; Woodland View, Beech road and Willow Cresent. Also the safety of two Primary Schools; English Martyrs and Oakham Church of England school, in Oakham, Rutland.  Woodland View, Beech road and Willow Cresent, is a large housing estate, located just off the Burley road. There are so many families with young children, living in this housing large estate, that play freely in their doorstep or at the local parks

Created: 2019-01-26 Statistics

Donald Trump IS welcome in The UK

Following the comments Donald spoke during his presidential campaign, there seems to have been an uproar by the  public. These people who don't agree with Donald's views do not speak for me. I believe many people would welcome this  gentlemen with open arms, its a shame we don't have more 'free speech' speaking people such as Mr Trump in this country.

Created: 2015-12-09 Statistics

Remake of seven deadly sins S3

Let a-1 picture do the animation of seven deadly sins season 3 and stop censorship. Stop fan animating the fight of escanor and Meliodas  

Created: 2019-12-25 Statistics