Stop GCC From Destroying Hard Working Family Chiropractor

My father, Dr Kola Akindele, has been a Chiropractor for more than 2 decades in Cambridgeshire and is in danger of losing his license, his livelihood and the ability to wake up every morning and do what he loves because of an honest misunderstanding.

Back in 2013 he was convicted of failing to provide information of who was driving his wife’s car when it was caught speeding. As he was insured on the car he was held responsible and consequently fined and 6 points were endorsed on his driver license; he paid this fine and served his points.

My dad is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), the Chiropractic regulatory body. He was fully aware that convictions had to be reported to the GCC so as soon as he received the conviction he went to the GCC website to find out how to do so. He had every intention of disclosing this offence until he came across the GCC's guideline that stated 'you do not need to declare fixed penalty fines for traffic offence unless they led to a disqualification'. So my father having received a conviction for a traffic offence did not report it as instructed. I have attached a copy of the GCC guidelines  at the bottom of the petition with the appropriate text highlighted for you to reference.

However, 3 years later the GCC are now telling my dad that because the fine he received for his traffic offence was not a fixed penalty fine that his conviction did not fall within those guidelines and should have been disclosed. Not just that they are accusing him of knowing that it should have been and not disclosing it on purpose. This is a baseless and ridiculous accusation and it confuses me how they could jump to that conclusion about someone that has been registered with them for over 20 years with zero issues. Surely someone like that you would first assume it must have made a mistake? Well not the GCC, instead they call him to London to be put on trial to determine if he purposefully and dishonestly did not disclose the offence.

After a stressful week long hearing costing thousands of pounds for both sides, the GCC decided that a man with no history of dishonesty deserved nothing less than to have his license as a Chiropractor suspended for 9 months for misunderstanding their guidelines in a way that any person could have.

A 9 month suspension may not sound like much but the consequences of it are potentially disastrous for him and our family. It not only means that he won’t be able to practice his profession as a Chiropractor but that his business that he built from the ground up will likely not survive this suspension. Unfortunately my parents have been slowly climbing their way out of massive debt for years ever since they were the victims of an arsonist attack on their businesses building and income from their business is the only thing keeping them afloat. Without it, well I'm sure you can imagine the trouble we will all find ourselves in in just a few short months. All of this because of a traffic offence and a genuine misunderstanding of the GCC's guideline? Doesn't that seem excessive?

My father has appealed the case to the High Court in London and will be forced to represent himself due to the potential financial hardship that he is fully aware he could be facing if he is unsuccessful. The appeal hearing is scheduled for 31st January 2018.

My dad is fighting not just for his license, but for his livelihood, his family and to simply be able allowed to do what he loves to do which is to help and treat his patients who are in need.

When I heard the GCC were coming after him for this, I laughed. I thought someone that works there must be bored and not have enough complaints to deal with, there is no way an intelligent person is ever going to believe that my father did not disclose a measly traffic offence on purpose. And even if they do, they are obviously just going to tell him off for his mistake and tell him to make sure it doesn't happen again. So imagine my surprise and heartbreak when I read the transcript from the hearing where he was called names and painted in a disgusting false image of being a dishonest man over something like this? We are talking about a man that goes out of his way to help people on a daily basis and quite frankly the most honest man that I know.

I couldn't think of anyway that I could really help my dad through his situation. But I thought maybe if I started this petition that perhaps the GCC could see how silly this all is, how ruthless and horrible they are being and maybe just maybe they will see how wrong this is and consider conceding the appeal.

At the very least even if we can't get the GCC to see the error of their ways I'm hoping that this will pick my dad up off the ground and he can see that there are reasonable people out there that are behind him. And that if need be it would help him to hold his head up high going into this appeal and fight for what is right whatever the outcome.

Please sign the petition to urge the GCC to concede this appeal and allow my father to get back to helping his patients and providing for his family.

Thank you for your help and support.

Should you like to support him further in any other way, please say so.

Thank you.

The address where the petition will go to is :
General Chiropractic Council (GCC)
44 Wicklow Street
London, WC1X 9HL