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Free the Rooisand marsh horses!

21 Rooisand Free Roaming Wild Horses are currently Trapped on Lamloch farm. Why does the landowner want them on his land among antelope and probably elephant? We say the horses must be FREE. They must be let out in order to graze again at the edge of the Bot, and to find their way past the massive electrified fence to the far western marshes and grazing resources that are plentiful for them. (The Bot estuary is between Hermanus and Kleinmond in the Overstrand, Western Cape, South Africa.) FREE

Created: 2018-11-08 Statistics

Halal Nandos in Ipswich

Dear Nandos Lovers Nandos have decided that they will be looking to open a new Nandos in Ipswich in 2018. I had emailed them at the start of 2016 and after much discussion and persuasion they have agreed that it would be beneficial for themselves to open a second Nandos in our town. The decision to make the Nandos halal or not will be taken a few months before opening. I have requested that this Nandos be made halal to accommodate the some 5,000 Muslims living in the Ipswich area. Nandos operati

Created: 2016-11-29 Statistics

Induct Jamie Mackie into Forever R’s for last home game

QPR manager Ian Holloway has announced that Jamie Mackie is set to leave QPR at the end of the current season.  Mackie is leaving QPR with over 130 games for the R’s along with some goals which will live long in the memory of QPR fans including the last minute winner in our 3-2 win over Liverpool. He played a crucial part in our 2010/11 Championship winning campaign and his commitment and passion for the R’s has made him a fans favourite and a club legend. This petition is made to ask Chairman T

Created: 2018-04-13 Statistics

Keep Irish horse racing on Attheraces

Please help us keep Irish racing on Attheraces. Where it is free to air under a Sky TV package. If Racing UK gets the rights for Irish racing, it could be a very damaging situition for the sport here in Ireland. If you love Attheraces please sign this petition.    Thank you. 

Created: 2018-02-03 Statistics


We have a Doctor in Sweden, who has saved a lot of lives, that now has lost his licence. The reason is that he with certain, more difficult cases of tick borne diseases, has prescribed longer and tougher courses of antibiotics, then what is general practice and whats allowed here in Sweden. We need help to organize support for Dr Kenneth Sandström. A doctor's primary mission is to alleviate symptoms and heal disease, which Dr. Sandström did, where other doctors for years failed to make the corr

Created: 2014-11-02 Statistics

Við undirrituð krefjumst afsagnar þeirra þingmanna sem urðu sér til skammar á Klausturbarnum.

Krefjumst tafarlausrar afsagnar eftirtalinna þingmanna. Sigmundar Davíðs Gunnlaugssonar, Gunnars Braga Sveinssonar, Ólafs Ísleifssonar, Önnu Kolbrúnar Árnadóttur, Karls Gauta Hjaltasonar og Berþórs Ólasonar. Ástæðan er öllum kunn.

Created: 2018-11-29 Statistics

Reece sugars to come to edens party

Reece has come down with a real bad illness but needs to come to a party 

Created: 2018-01-05 Statistics

Give our forest Legends testimonials

In 2019 and 2020 we celebrate our 2 greatest ever achievements, and the greatest sports story ever told, it's a story that on the face of it seems unbelievable. A small club going nowhere scrapes into the topflight and then sets about conquering European and domestic competition culminating in 2 wins.....all done with virtually the same squads as they had in the second tier. To celebrate this and to help our legends who earned only 400 per week at their prime. We ask the club to hold pre season

Created: 2018-02-19 Statistics

Petition to include One Arm Lifts OFFICIALLY at IUKL European & World Championships

Hi guys,  I have set up this petition for all those around the world who would like to see one arm lifts for women included as an official event at ALL IUKL European & World Championships. If you have no desire to see it become mandatory for women to lift 2 x 24kg in the future to be considered a professional in this sport you should probably sign this (this goes for both Long Cycle & Snatch also which looks set to become Biathlon with 2 x 24kg). This petition is not set up to create a d

Created: 2018-05-03 Statistics

To Stop The Demolision Of Dominoes Dorking

So for some reason, someone decided it'd be a great idea to demolish the only dominoes that delivers in the Dorking area. I'm not going to goto leatherhead every time I want pizza!

Created: 2018-01-16 Statistics