TRO HGV Sutton Bank

Update 6 January 2017

In June 2015 our request for a TRO (as detailed below) was turned down by North Yorkshire County Council due to the A170 being part of a Primary Route Network and weight restrictions are not allowed. In January 2016, Andrew Jones MP, Transport Minister advised when he attended a meeting with the Parish Council that the A170 is of strategic importance and must remain open to HGV's. 

Since that time the Parish Council has been working with local authorities to implement two agreed improvements. The first, to create sufficient space alongside the A170 that would give HGV's and Caravanners the ability to turn around. The second, a Sutton Bank HGV Information Board.  This Information Board will give drivers details of alternative routes avoiding Sutton Bank. Both of these improvements will reduce the amount of reversing HGV’s have to currently undertake.

By signing this petition you are showing your support to the above two improvements.    


Support Sutton under Whitestonecliffe Parish Council in their application for a Permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for Prohibition of any lorry in excess of 7.5 tonnes, unless issued with a permit, e.g for local and/or frequent operators.


The limited width of the road, and the length of the gradient, results in frequent incidents involving HGVs failing to ascend/descend Sutton Bank and blocking the route.

Reversing trucks often damage walls, hedges, verges, fences and road furniture when turning around.

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