' Hard' Brexit

There must be another election as soon as possible. If Theresa May's position is untenable then this conservative government should replace her and install a leader whom is committed to ' Hard' Brexit? What this means is that the UK will exit the single market, custom's union, the ECHR and the ECJ. This minority, conservative government has not the power to do all this as Brexit is being compromised daily. If this government agree to a transitional period of three- to four years then in reality this nation will be still in the EU for that period of time. Certainly, this will severely compromise any post- Brexit trade deals the UK enters into after 2019. This will be the price of retaining access to the single market for those years. Regarding, the lucrative, US trade deal (which has been promised to conclude quickly) continued membership of the single market will impact negatively on not only this deal but others as well. Basically, these EU restrictions will render Brexit an economic and financial disaster of epic proportions.


Theresa May's stance on Brexit is a far cry from what it was three months ago. May said she would be a '' bloody difficult woman'' and that ''no deal was better than a bad deal.'' Since this government lost its majority we have all seen a steady retreat from its Brexit vision. The vision of Brexit is becoming unrecognizable to what  it was. A minority government cannot negotiate the most important, domestic issue to face this nation in almost two generations and be successful. Another election will give badly needed clarification on this issue. If this government is given a huge mandate for Brexit by the electorate then there can be no political justification to obstruct it WHATSOEVER.  This government can win another election but only if it abandons austerity. Brexit should be prioritized over austerity as the former by far is the more important issue. Another election is risky as the result is far from certain but it is Hobson's choice now. Furthermore, there is a danger that the conservative party may well split between pro and anti EU supporters but the danger is equal if this administration tries to continue with the Brexit negotiations. This goverrnment must put country before party. If this government does not do that then Brexit will fail miserably and the conservatives will be out of office for a great number of years.


17.4 million people voted for Brexit and it was a truly momentous decision. I call on all of you who voted Brexit to read my petition and consider my arguments very carefully. If we the 17.4 million act in unison we will be unstoppable. The media and the politicians will listen to us if this petition has sufficient numbers. Brexit is under serious threat and we need to act now to make sure that 'the will of the people' is not subverted. Therefore, I humbly ask that you please sign my petition? The power of petition can be very persuasive and believe me this is the time when it is desperately needed!

Many thanks, Raymond Rapson.

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