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Stop plans to build homes on Green Belt at Lye Green Nr Chesham

Chiltern District & South Bucks District Councils are jointly preparing a Local Plan until 2036.  Part of the proposal is to expand the town of Chesham by building new homes of which 900 are proposed to be built on agricultural land currently designated as Green Belt on the NE of Chesham at a hamlet called Lye Green. The Lye Green community fears these plans, if adopted, will (amongst many other things) result in: Significant damage to the openness and visual appearance of the area, which is

Created: 2016-11-15 Statistics


We are losing reads, readers and income. Our ranks have dropped drastically since the new update, the rank system was glitched before but now it went completely haywire.  We want the old ranking system back! 

Created: 2018-12-16 Statistics

Mecsek hills are in danger: Stop uranium mining!

  It is time to act! Sign our petition! In the heart of the Mecsek hills a company with a mysterious background plans to open a uranium mine: formerly called Wildhorse, now it’s under the name of Hungarian Uranium Resources Ltd.   Mecsek is an individual bird protection area, its unique plant community, wild life and geological forms are our protected treasures. Many of the hundreds of native species who live here reside only here in the Carpathian Basin. Both protected and highly-protected anim

Created: 2018-11-29 Statistics

change the tax laws in spain, uk and all european countries so that tax no longer funds wars

I am aware that the current tax system in Europe and Uk is funding wars around the world.  I do not give my consent to this.  I want the current tax laws in spain, Uk and all European countries to be changed immediately.  I refuse to pay tax until this is done.  I am willing to be a responsible citizen and contribute to creating a well functioning society, but not at the expense of innocent peoples lives.

Created: 2018-05-02 Statistics

Protest Against Closing Down the Lukács Archive

  We, the undersigned, wish to express our deepest worries about the resolution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to close down the Lukács Archives in Budapest. Görgy Lukács was one the significant philosophers of the 20th century, an author of modernity outstanding not only in philosophy but also in the fields of political mindedness, theory of literature, sociology and ethics An author of international renown, Lukács represented one of the intellectual peaks in Hungary's history of civilisa

Created: 2016-03-08 Statistics

Reinstate Elvis' name on the "USS Arizona"

The goal of this petition is to reinstate Elvis' name on the "USS Arizona Memorial" in Pearl Harbour - Hawaii... Elvis' name was removed from the memorial because of his alleged abuse of prescibed medication! This removal is an insult to the memory and legacy of Elvis Presley! Elvis helped to raise the funds to finish the construction of the memorial by doing a benefit concert in 1961. Elvis should be aknowledged and his name should be reinstated!!!!!

Created: 2016-01-04 Statistics

Charnock richard services acces road closure

As i'm sure your aware the access road is due to close to charnock richard services which will push more traffic through eccleston, wrightington, heskin mossy lea, leyland and surrounding areas as people will be forced to use j27 at wrightington or j28 at leyland this will cause a significant invcrease in hgvs and just genral traffic on what are already busy roads. 

Created: 2018-06-20 Statistics

Scrap EX Raids

I don't think there is anyone in the Pokémon go community that thinks this is a fair system.  It's suppose to reward players that do the most raids.  After the 1st Community day on Saturday 20th Jan. Trowbridge, Wiltshire Uk. Got another ex raid pass. However out of the 35ish players that raided at that gym. All players that are dedicated dint not receive a pass. It instead went to mainly players from out of town or people who's first raid it was in months.  Niantic should rewards the dedicated

Created: 2018-01-22 Statistics

Boris Johnson for prime minister

Get Boris to where he always want to be  Kick Teresa may out

Created: 2016-09-07 Statistics

Condemn Brutality of Home Repossessions by KBC Bank. Evict KBC from Ireland.

In the light of the recent, brutal and traumatizing eviction of a family of three elderly people at a house in Strokestown, Co Roscommon and earlier violent eviction of the family with children in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, who were inflicted with physical injuries to the head, as well as other repossessions throughout the Ireland, we invite you to sign this petition to send a clear message to the director and all the agents of KBC Bank Ireland plc that Irish Sovereign people do not and will never

Created: 2018-12-23 Statistics

اعتراض زنان ایرانی به جمع آوری دستگاه های سونوگرافی مطب های متخصصین زنان و ممنوع کردن خانم های دکتر در رابطه با انجام سونوگرافی برای بیماران زنان

اعتراض زنان ایرانی به جمع آوری دستگاه های سونوگرافی مطب های متخصصین زنان و ممنوع کردن خانم های دکتر در رابطه با انجام سونوگرافی برای بیماران زنان جناب دكتر قاضى زاده هاشمىوزير محترم بهداشت ؛ احتراماً ما زنان و دختران ایران عزیز خواهشمندیم اجازه بفرمائید خودمان تصمیم بگیریم که چه کسی ما را سونوگرافی کند و بیماری زنانه ما و وضعیت سلامتی جنین ما را تشخیص دهد، پزشکان زنان ما را مجبور نکنید که دستگاه های سونوگرافی مطبهای خود را جمع آوری کنند و بازرسان وزارت بهداشت را مأمور به جمع آوری دستگاه های سونو

Created: 2018-07-25 Statistics

Open letter. On the dissolution of the work contract of Prof. univ. dr. Florin Draşovean

The English version is below Romanian one.          

Created: 2018-04-24 Statistics

Investigate Corona Brasov intentional fouls in the Erste Liga and the romanian national league

SC Csikszereda fan club asks IIHF to investigate Corona Wolves Braşov,  they played 5 games in the Erste League and collected a huge amount of penalties. The Hungarian and Romanian ice hockey federation didn’t gave them any kind of penalty and in fact they have injured 5 players in total.  We can prove it with the following videos:

Created: 2018-10-02 Statistics

BANGAWAZÎYA AWARTE / بانگەوازییەکی بە پەلە

     بۆ سەرجەم پارت و رێکخراوە کوردستانییەکان JI BO PARTÎ Û REXISTINÊN SÎYASÎ YÊN KURD! بەڕێزان بە پێشەنگایەتیی کۆمسیۆنی ژنانی کۆنگرەی نەتەوەیی کوردستان، ئێمە ژنانی کوردی هەر چوار پارچەی کوردستان لە دەرەوەی وڵات، لە 18ی ئازاری 2018 دا لە برۆکسل کۆبووینەوە. بڕیارمان دا بە هەموو هێزی خۆمان پێکەوە لەگەڵ تەواوی ژنانی کورد لە هەر کوێ هەن کار بکەین، بەو ئامانجەی کۆنگرەی یەکێتی نەتەوەیی کورد لە رۆژاوای کوردستان ببەسترێت. ئەگەر ئێمە خاوەنداریەتیی لە رۆژاوای کوردستان بکەین، دەتوانین بەر بە مەترسیی داگیرک

Created: 2018-04-02 Statistics

change the schools xmas holiday dates 2018

Who feels the children finished school too late this year?  I am a Mum of 2 school children and them finishing on Friday December 22nd killed the Xmas spirit and build up we normally have as a family.   normally when they finish around the 18th ish we have a day out somewhere festive , a couple of duvet days chilling watching Xmas movies before the official festivities start and we can get everything done without rushing the children everywhere and letting them relax a bit before Xmas as many of

Created: 2018-01-03 Statistics

Support Donald Trump making state visit to U.K.

By signing this petition it shows that you agree and are happy with Donald Trump accepting the queens invite to the UK, in response to the petition to ban him. Because why not?????

Created: 2017-01-30 Statistics

Bring back the Justinlees Pool Table

The Justinlees Inn in Eskbank should bring back the pool table

Created: 2018-11-24 Statistics

اعتراض جامعه دامپزشکی به پذیرش بی رویه دانشجو در دانشگاه ها

جناب آقای دکتر لاریجانی رئیس محترم مجلس شورای اسلامی احتراما به استحضار می رساند باتوجه به موج گسترده پذیرش دانشجو خارج از ظرفیت قانونی و نیاز جامعه در رشته دامپزشکی و ادامه این روند مخصوصا  در دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی در اکثر واحد های آن بدون در نظر گرفتن شرایط کاری فارغ التحصیلان این رشته در حال انجام است. و ادامه آن ضمن به خطر انداختن سرمایه مالی و معنوی فرزندان این مرز و بوم ، در افزایش فارغ التحصیلان فاقد شرایط مناسب کاری و اضافه شدن به خیل بیکاران این رشته دامن خواهد زد.  با استناد به ماده 21 ق

Created: 2018-10-23 Statistics

Save the wolves

Wolves have always been my favorite animal. If and when I ever have kids, I want them to be in a world where killing these beautiful creatures for sport is illegal. At one point, there were only 4 red wolves left in the world because of hunting. Grey wolves were also endangered. Do we really want these animals to be killed and gone forever? Please sign! Every sign makes a difference. Thank you!

Created: 2018-07-15 Statistics

Support the Romanian Tax incentive law

Tax incentives for film productions have been in place in countries around the world for 20 years and Romania is not yet part of this global system!! Since 2003, most European Union countries, have put in place financial support programs for the film industry and thus attracting millions of Euros in foreign investments (the Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the UK, Hungary, etc.).   The financial support comes in different forms: tax breaks or rebates but also subsidies.

Created: 2017-11-28 Statistics