Egypt to Export 10,000 Donkeys to China and Dogs to South Korea

Egypt to export 10,000 donkeys to China, dogs to South Korea   Egypt will send donkeys to China and is also looking into requests from Korea to export dogs there. Egypt has recently signed a trade deal to export nearly 10,000 donkeys to China, with another agreement likely soon to send dogs to Korea. The General Organization for Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt agreed on the deal after requests from many Chinese companies. Dr. Ibrahim Mahroos, the organization’s director, confirmed that Egypt will send the donkeys alive to China in accordance with an Islamic ruling in Egypt’s al-Azhar. He added that China wants the donkey’s skin rather than its meat. Egypt is also looking into requests from Korea to export dogs there, especially after several shelters have said they are at full capacity and were putting down stray dogs.

This Petition willbe send to Dr Ibrahim Mahroos, Director of Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt.     If this individual thinks that he is going to treat Dogs as livestock then he will be stopped!!  Dogs Do Not Appear On the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations FOASTAT List of ALL animals for and not for human consumption!   This Petition is also very much against Donkeys being exported for their skins!!

We the People are totally against the abject abuse of Animals and We fully support this Petition!

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