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Support the Romanian Tax incentive law

Tax incentives for film productions have been in place in countries around the world for 20 years and Romania is not yet part of this global system!! Since 2003, most European Union countries, have put in place financial support programs for the film industry and thus attracting millions of Euros in foreign investments (the Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the UK, Hungary, etc.).   The financial support comes in different forms: tax breaks or rebates but also subsidies.

Created: 2017-11-28 Statistics

my son is suffering a mental health crisis and needs moving asap!!

my son marcus is 23 and is autistic and suffers from.bipolar disorder....since the 31st of august his mental health has deteriorated drastically due to his support changing and becoming unsuitable which in turn is hindering his recovery. I have followed every process i have been asked to to get him where he needs to be to feel safe and understood and still nothing even tho all the professionals concerned have agreed this needs to happen urgently aswell! social services keep fobbing me off with n

Created: 2017-11-28 Statistics

Move The Brian Clough Statue To The City Ground

Created: 2017-02-20 Statistics

Worcester mosque

Asalaam’ Walaikum, we the parents of today’s generation are who make up the wider Muslim society. We are working with those around us and we have decided to start this petition in order to ensure our children’s Islamic education is being met to the highest standard possible. In order to do this we needed to come forward as a community because after many efforts from ourselves to get in touch with the committee of the mosque, we have been ignored and nobody has taken what we feel is important in

Created: 2017-03-01 Statistics

Bring Back Brittas!

In 2015 it was announced that The Brittas Empire would return and millions of fans around the world celebrated. Sadly it seems that the BBC has given up on the reboot. This doesn't mean we should too, though! In this campaign we are asking Netflix Dave or Gold TVto pick it up instead!Bring Back Brittas to our screens!!

Created: 2017-08-08 Statistics

St Stephen's Church extension application

St Stephen's church in Pamphill, Wimborne are fighting planning issues to add an extension. This is hoping to be used as a base to extend hours by Pamphill Pre School. This building is vital to keep the growth of Pamphill Pre School flourishing, adding greater demand by the 30 hours funding being brought in by the government. This is also crucial due to the fact the majority of Pamphill First School's intake comes from the Pre School. We are passionate in keeping this beautiful community  as it

Created: 2017-02-10 Statistics

keep the once a week brown bin collection in plymouth devon.

once a week brown bin collection is in bad bin is full in one week with the top of bin closed.fortnightly no chance of closing lid down.if the bin  lid wont close in one week, the binmen will not take what do the tory/ukip council think we ought to do.  

Created: 2016-12-25 Statistics

Disband the House of Lords and stop hereditary lordships.

With the constant interference of parliamentary business by an unelected house of lords consisting of hereditary peers, Promoted clergymen and politically favoured political friends. it is time to rid this country of what has become a dinosaur of 850 people, taking £300 a day for doing very little and providing virtually nothing in return. S it is time to stop the gross practise of hereditary peers. (born into nobility) and abolish the house of lords.

Created: 2017-03-02 Statistics

Save Springfield Swimming Pool

A decision has recently been made to close Springfield School Swimming Pool due to its poor condition and the costs to renovate it. The site will be rebuilt on to create a new Sports Hall and extra classrooms.  However swimming is a vital skill for children to learn and especially so for those living in an island city, like Portsmouth.    We need a swimming pool in the north of the city for local schools to use.  The cost of building a new pool will however require a multi-million pound investme

Created: 2017-02-22 Statistics


  PETITION TO SAVE JOSEF FRANK’S MOST SIGNIFICANT BUILDING Villa Beer (1929-1930) is one of the most important works of private housing of the 1920ies and 1930ies. Designed by Josef Frank and Oskar Wlach, it is on par with other important Modernist buildings by such architects as Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or Adolf Loos. Just recently Villa Beer was opened for one weekend only as part of a major Josef Frank retrospective exhibition held at the MAK (Museum for Applied Arts Vienna). T

Created: 2016-12-22 Statistics

Deport all known terrorists from Britain.

In order to preserve our way of life, to keep our loved ones safe, we must demand the deportation of ALL known terror cells from Britain with immediate effect. And this is only the first step... Beyond this we must have our government and current Home Secretary, implement measures to ensure our borders are never crossed by any person from any country until they are properly vetted. Further ideas and measures must come from our leaders to whom we pay taxes to do just that. At the moment and after

Created: 2017-06-04 Statistics

Stop Geography Late Detentions

Put an end to late detentions when late to/ from Geography!  Do you study Geography at Tapton School? Have you been given a late mark because you are late to/ from Geography? Do you agree that four minutes is not long enough to walk to/ from Geography? Do you think that it is not fair that you have to attend detentions at lunchtime for being late? So do we! It is obvious for Tapton students that walking to/ from Geography -which is a separate building from the main school- is not a task which is

Created: 2017-02-06 Statistics

Say NO to European City of Culture bid!

With just 9 months to go and other cities having spent over a year working on their bid, Cornwall County Council are just about to throw £536,000 of the ratepayers money at an ill thought out project, which if not won, sees over half a million pounds wasted! with Libraries, public toilets and all manner of public services being cut, do you really want to allow this to happen? please sign & share

Created: 2017-01-26 Statistics

Preston Academy - Jeff Stone Room

The purpose for this petition is to put forward to the suggestion that the late, great Mr. Stone's old classroom be dedicated to his memory, and officially be rechristened "The Jeff Stone Room". Pupils past and present please sign your name and year so this can be put to the school to honour our fallen hero and legend.

Created: 2017-05-18 Statistics

Open treherbert paddling pool

As we all now there's no pools available for our kids up the top of the valley i.e. Blaenrhondda, blaencwm, Tynewydd, treherbert, penyrenglyn and ynyswen. The pool needs a life guard due to health and safety but I know I'd be happy if it was open with signs stating that it will be open without a life guard and anyone that uses it, uses it at their own risk! It would be great to atleast get attention for it to even be considered!!!!

Created: 2017-05-08 Statistics

Stop Hothead Games' predatory marketing practices in KSB!!!

Given the current state of affairs in Kill Shot Bravo (KSB), we are attempting to gauge the level of discontent or unhappiness amongst the players. On a weekly basis, Hothead Games (HHG) has either implemented or removed some aspect of the game which only benefits them financially. Recently, the only move we've seen to help the KSB community as a whole were the elimination of mod apks back in early April. While this change was appreciated, frankly it was 10 months overdue. It's the responsibilit

Created: 2017-07-18 Statistics

Save the Brocante Fair

We ask that Glastonbury Town Council request that Mendip District Council grant a market rights license and a road closure license to the Glastonbury Brocante Fair for July 23rd 2017 in Glastonbury Hight Street. This would restore confidence in the Chamber of Commerce and restore this important event that has proven to be a vast benefit to the community. We want to keep the Brocante in Glastonbury and request that the Town Council act on the behalf of the majority of the retailers of the Town in

Created: 2017-06-09 Statistics

Melanoma awareness Ireland are petitioning for an outright ban on sunbed use.

Sunbeds are UV-emitting tanning devices and are classified “carcinogenic to humans” Let's follow the lead of Australia and try to pull the plug on sunbed use in Ireland.  Please sign the petition Thank you for your support. For more information, you can visit      

Created: 2016-12-31 Statistics

put bradley lowery on the front cover of fifa 18 to honour him

Created: 2017-07-09 Statistics

Change the law on convicted sex offenders

Sex offenders should be stripped of their human rights once a criminal act is committed and they have been convicted! They shouldnt be allowed to be placed back into a community with a new identity and not placed on the sex offenders register! Any sex offenders no matter how big or small the crime should be placed on the sex offenders register for life! And the community should be able to see all information of convicted sex offenders on the uk database this needs to happen now! 

Created: 2017-07-13 Statistics