Most popular petitions in UK in 2016

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  • Language: English
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Doncaster Road Traffic/Crossing (Oakhill Primary Academy area)

We, as parents & carers strive to protect our children on a daily basis but when the simple act of taking our children to school becomes a risk then something needs to be done.The Doncaster Road Crossing outside Oakhill Primary Academy has been left without a crossing patrol now for over a year and nothing seems to be getting done to minimise the risk of someone getting run over / killed.When parents and carers approach the crossing to take our children to school, it quickly becomes a game o

Created: 2016-07-12 Statistics


The City of Edinburgh Council have issued a threatening letter to remove all furniture and garden equipment within 7 days from their "amenity space" - our Community Garden - citing the use of such items are not covered liably! (Presumably a child climbing and falling from a council tree is covered ..perhaps?) Over recent years our neighbourhood has transformed, maintained and made use of this once neglected empty green communal space, now providing a welcoming Community Garden enjoyed by all who

Created: 2016-05-18 Statistics

Pro lingua Latina in Jyväskylä

Latinan kielen säilyttäminen Jyväskylän yliopistossa Jyväskylän yliopisto on lakkauttamassa latinan oppiaineen kokonaan. Jos näin todella tapahtuu, katkeaa perinne, jota on vaikea palauttaa enää myöhemmin, ja yliopisto ottaa askeleen pois sivistysyliopiston ihanteesta. Latinan kielestä hyötyvät monet tahot, ja vastaavasti näiden tahojen toiminta vaarantuu jos latina poistuu. Latinan tarvitsijoita löytyy filosofian opiskelijoista historian tutkijoihin ja kuoroista yliopiston viestintään, eikä ta

Created: 2016-04-12 Statistics

Say NO to Clarendon Park Residents Parking

We, the residents of Clarendon Park, oppose any form of Parking Scheme being introduced into the Castle Ward catchment. The Council are borrowing at least £300,000+ in order to introduce the scheme into the area. The money made from the parking permits only serves to stand as an additional tax back to the Council without improving the situation. Local residents and businesses have not been well informed to date with the Council's plans with consultation leaflets not being delivered-the final vot

Created: 2015-12-06 Statistics

Product review of medical foods for PKU - Low Protein Diet

Dear Simon  Harris, We are Petitioning you as Misister for Health. We are Adults with (or Family/Friends) with PKU (Phenylketonuria) (or Allied disorders), a rare metabolic disorder which require a very low protein diet. We are under the care of Temple Street / Matter hospitals and will be for life. The diet requires the exclusion of protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, pulses and regular baked goods such as bread, crispbread, biscuits. For us prescribed low protein foods are a

Created: 2016-11-18 Statistics

Stop Exploitation of Actors on CCP

  Hi there, I have created this petition to submit to actors casting site Casting Call Pro to persuade them to stop the posting of exploitive jobs on their site at the daily rate of £55.00 a day. Most acting jobs involve the actor to be there for around ten to twelve hours and at a day rate of £55.00 this is well below the national minimum wage. When I contacted CCP regarding this, they state that they are happy with the day rate of £55.00 as for an eight hour day; this is in line with the natio

Created: 2016-06-28 Statistics

Impotriva eutanasierii dupa 14 zile la Adapost Public Moinesti

[English below] Va rog semnati aceasta petitie care atesta ca sunteti impotriva implementarii legii comform careia cateii din Adapostul Public Moinesti ar trebui sa fie eutanasiati dupa 14 zile.  Luni , 15 Februarie este o dezbatere publica privind aplicarea acestei legi la adapostul Moinesti- SEMNATI ACUM DACA SUNTETI IMPOTRIVA, inainte de sedinta !  Cateii adusi in adapost au nevoie de mai mult de 14 zile pentru a putea fi sterilizati , vaccinati si apoi adoptati de oamenii din oras sau din af

Created: 2016-02-11 Statistics

Save Lloyds Bank Mevagissey

Lloyds Bank has announced today (10 November 2016), that it is closing its branch in Mevagissey from March 2017. Over the years we have seen the gradual erosion of services away from our village but this is a step too far! Just this year we have also lost a full time dedicated Post Office in the centre of the village and the postbox was literally ripped out and has not been replaced yet. This has to stop! Many elderly and vulnerable people live nearby who have relied on having a local friendly b

Created: 2016-11-10 Statistics

Save Grove School Uniform

Many parent have made their views clear and there are many reasons that parents are not happy about this change. If u agree with any of the following reasons or any other reasons not stated please sign.... - The new uniform looks out of date. - It can not be purchased from anywhere but the school provider therefore costing more for parents on a low income who would normally buy the cheaper option. -The students in Grove voted to keep their old uniform and this was overturned by staff. - There is

Created: 2016-02-04 Statistics

Bring back November graduation at Teesside University

After 3 long years doing a degree and working so hard Teesside University Student Nurses and some other courses are being told when they finish at the end of September 2017 they will not be able to graduate until July 2018. This is nearly a year later. No other course has to wait this long and no other course is at university studying and working as long as we are.  After working so hard graduation is something to look forward to a moment where friends and family can have that proud moment with

Created: 2016-12-16 Statistics